WWE Hall of Fame FUN FACTS



The WWE Hall of Fame has been in existance since 1993, when after his death, Andre The Giant was inducted on Monday Night Raw with a ten bell salute and tribute video.

There was a 6 year period when the Hall of Fame inducted noone from 1997-2003 (The heart of Monday Night Wars and Subsequent WWE takeover of wrestling)

The first celebrity inductee was Pete Rose in 2004

The first female inductee was Fabulous Moolah in 1995

Pedro Morales is only living inductee did not accept his induction. Savio Vega accepted on behalf of the Puerto Rican people.

Many superstars have turned down in the Hall of Fame in the 2000s including Bob Backlund (2004), Bruno Sammartino (multiple), Mr. T (2005) , Ultimate Warrior (2010) and the Honky Tonk Man (2010)

The Hall has inducted 16 men posthumously with at least one deceased inductee every year excluding 2013.

2004 was the largest class with 11 inductees. 1993 is the smallest non ceremony year. 2013 was the smallest ceremony with 6.

Verne Gagne and Abdullah the Butcher are the only two wrestlers inducted who never performed for Vince McMahon Sr or Jr.

Since 2006, each class has included a Africian American superstar, excluding 2007.

Since 2006, each class has included a female superstar/personality excluding 2007, & 2009

Since 2004, a celebrity has been inducted every year except 2008 & 2009



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