WWE Legacy Award? More inductions this year?

Wrestlezone has reported that WWE is selling a Hall of Fame T-shirt which includes an award which has not been announced as of yet, called the WWE Legacy Award.  See photo below.


Included on this as recipients of the legacy award include Lou Thesz, Mildred Burke, Pat O’Connor, Frank Gotch, Art Thomas & George Hackenschmidt,. For those hardcore fans, these men and women are  known as the backbones of professional wrestling. Many are world champions dating all the way  back to the  beginning of wrestling in  North America.

While WWE has yet to announce anything about this award, it is unclear if that will induct these pioneers as full fledged members (done in quick order to skip the whole award portion for men and women long dead, but still recognize them) or be another bullshit award ala the Warrior Award.

What do you think? Things might still  be occurring for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016 (and I might need to do 7 more induction articles!)