Future WWE Hall of Famer: Vader



Midcard Inductee

Man They Called, Multi time Champion


Monsters are an important element of professional wrestling and always be. Today we witness Mark Henry, Big Show and even Ryback be credible. They are respected by the fans, but more importantly, they are believable in their role. The specifics of their role is what can make a monster great.

A monster generally should be a heel (Ryback & Warrior are exceptions) and must win. They have to win a lot. Back in the territory systems, monster heels like Killer Kowalski or Ox Baker would come in, dominate the mid level heels, challenge the champ and lose. They would then disappear. This format ended with the general end of the territories.

AWA, WCCW, Mid-South all agree!

AWA, WCCW, Mid-South all agree!

The Man They Call Vader fit into this mold, but came from the time when territories were dying. He did participate in the AWA under a less than stellar moniker, Leon “The Baby Bull” White

After his stint as a small cow, White went to New Japan Pro Wrestling where he honed his craft and became Big Van Vader. His size, strength and brute force impressed the Japanese, but it was his quickness and agility which put him above the rest of “big men” of the time. And he played the imposing man to a tee.

During his battles with Stan Hansen and Mick Foley, Vader was dominant and agreesive. It was in Japan that Vader would start to get a reputation for being stiff with other wrestlers. And no one more than Mick Foley understands what it was like to be in the ring with Vader. He lost an ear in the ring with this man.

During his time in Japan, WCW came a knocking and Vader joined to the utter domination of the wrestlers there. Vader beat Ric Flair, Vader beat Sting, Vader beat Lex Luger. WCW pushed the monster Vader properly as a monster. He is after all a 3 time WCW Heavyweight Champion.

In fact, Vader was one of the first big men wrestlers to consistently hold the title for a major company. Big Show’s reigns and the belief that a belt should go on a giant for an extended period of time basically started with Vader.

Vader had much success (and helped to build Ron Simmons) until Hulk Hogan came. Hogan proceeded in 1995 to squash Vader as he would have the One Man Gang or Big Bossman in WWF. Vader lost all credibility and was gone very shortly. By the by, if you think Super Cena is bad, the original was Super Hogan.

This aside, Vader entered in the WWF with a storm. He looked dangerous, he looked vicious and was supposed to win the WWF Championship at Summerslam 1996.\

Thanks to the shit head whose name is Shawn Michaels, this never occurred. Michaels claimed Vader was too stiff and never wanted to work with him again. Instead we got semi-monster Psycho Sid as a two time champion for no real reason. Seriously, Shawn Michaels needs to be criticized more for how much he fucked up WWF 1995-1996 with his Kliq garbage. He never will, but should.


Back to Vader. Vader feuded with the Undertaker, but generally had an unsuccessful WWF run through 1997-1998 and eventually left at the start of the Attitude Era.

Although his WWF career was not stellar, Vader will always be remembered for his status as a real monster heel. Just as Mark Henry, Bruiser Brody and Demolition will all someday be in the Hall, so will the Man We Call Vader.

Will the WWE Do It?

Yes. Vader is on good terms with the organization as seen by his enjoyable performance destroying Heath Slater on Raw last year.

Vader is also well liked. WWE likes to be able to bring back well liked superstars ad nauseum (Why Duggan, Rhodes, Slaughter and Dibiase appear like 4 times a year) Vader easily could be added to the list and to do so, a Hall of Fame induction would be needed.

Plus he is the perfect type of candidate. He easily can be added to the end of any class (even 2013) and no one would ever bat an eye at his credibility.

When will it happen?

Vader is from the Rocky Mountains, where the WWE will never do Wrestlemania (unless they finally agree on a covered stadium) As long as he remains healthy, this will happen within the next 6 years.

If he dies before induction, it will definitely hold up the induction as it always does (Rick Rude, British Bulldog)

Good Location

Colorado, but also neighboring California.


Reasons Not to DO It?

Not a great WWF run. Vader looks mean. Scary to kids.

You trust that smile?

Come here kids!