Criterion and Breakdown of Site

Hi guys,

Thought I would try to explain my point of view on this site.

I love the WWE Hall of Fame. It may be one of my favorite parts of wrestling. Like the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania, it matters. I wanted to write this blog to showcase my love of it and talk about how it exists. How it actually exists. Everyone makes fun of some of the inductees like Koko B Ware, but he’s there for a point. He did something or was inducted for a reason. And that reason needs to be explored.

As snarky as possible.

Current Hall of Famers:

Current Hall of Famers are listed by class and ranked according to worth and category. Those are

0 out of 10- Tragedy- Basically Drew Carey is the only inductee here.

1 out of 10- A Joke- An inductee who doesn’t belong and more seems like a joke inductee. William Perry comes to mind.

2 out of 10- Undeserving- Back to KoKo B. Ware. Wrestlers who don’t deserve but were inserted for a reason.

3 out of 10- Unimportant- Those who are remembered neither fondly nor unfondly. Baron Mikel Scicluna or Tony Atlas fit here

4 out of 10– Fine- Type of inductee where the inductee is known by most but the Hall of Fame induction is tenuous at best. Howard Finkel or Pete Rose are examples.

5 out of 10-Memorable- These inductees were good and well known. They stood out for one reason or another and we have found memories of them to a degree. Don Muraco can easily fit in this category. Jim Duggan also fits.

6 out of 10- Influential- These candidates were important to wrestling because of something they caused. Abdullah the Butch and the Sheik caused hardcore wrestling to a great degree or can at least be credited to them. The had influence. Most of these inductees will not however be known by the casual fan.

7 out of 10-Historically Significant- These men either had characters that were so memorable or such a large effect, that historically and realistically they cannot be ignored. Many like Stu Hart and Verne Gagne helped shape the business as it is today. Most of these, while important to the history of wrestling, would not be known by the average fan today.

8 out of 10- Legend- These men were important to their time and are more than memorable.  They are known mostly for what they did and normally it had some great effect.  Generally these men and women are even known by today’s fans. Ted Dibiase and Edge stand strong in this category. Everyone remembers Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura. Their commentary changed the way commentary was done. Jim Ross perfected it.  These men are the true makers and shakers of this business.

9 out of 10– Iconic- A hero in this business. In most cases to wrestlers and fans alike. These men are generally the hardest workers and beloved by most. They are respected by fans but generally only known by wrestling fans. Non wrestling fans generally don’t know who these people are. Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Bobby Heenan and Roddy Piper all are so important and iconic in all our eyes.

10 out of 10– Architect- These men are the IT. They have the IT. They transcend the business to define what it actually is. They are well known in most circles and the literal face of professional wrestling. Everyone knows who Hulk Hogan is. Steve Austin changed and defined the business and brought the most money in history.

Future Hall of Famers are those who the WWE  will eventually induct at some point.   Its just a matter of when, where, and how.

Should Already Be WWE Hall of Famers: This category focuses on either those who’s exclusion is terrible (Randy Savage) and those who may have been included if the Hall of Fame hadn’t taken a hiatus (Lord Alfred Hayes)

Never Going to BE Hall of Famers  are those who will never be considered, will never go in and never should. Gobblygooker!!!!!!!

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