WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018: Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Class of 2018: Celebrity Inductee

Obnoxious rap rocker, Somehow in the WWE Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Rating

1 out of 10

A Joke

For anyone new to this blog, my disdain for the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame has been documented. The first Celebrity, Pete Rose, despite being an obvious marketing ploy, was acceptable as Rose played a role  at three Wrestlemanias (feuding with Kane) and “got it”, by playing a heel (a rarity for celebrities). WWE immediately showed they didn’t understand their own creation by including William Perry in 2006. Perry appeared once for WWE in a battle royal. Great…

While it appeared that WWE had realized their error by including Bob Uecker in 2010, in 2011, WWE confirmed their shortsightedness and general apathy toward fans of the WWE Hall of Fame with the inclusion of Drew Carey into the Celebrity Wing.

Drew Carey = Sad

Since then the Celebrity wing has jumped back and forth still featuring mostly undeserving inclusions. Obvious welcome additions of Mike Tyson and Mr. T aside, the celebrity is the joke of each year. How bad can the choice be? In 2013, future president Donald Trump got in. In 2015, Arnold got in for appearing twice, 2016 gave us Snoop Dog, who despite being a fan, never actually appeared in an angle with the organization.

Now that we are all caught up on the ugh fest that is the Celebrity Wing, lets take a quick look at this years inclusion. WWE Hall of Famer- Kid Rock.

The celebrity criterion, as explained above, is already low- but Kid Rock? Kid Rock is the just as bad as Perry. Why, apart from marketing, is this man in the WWE Hall of Fame. What did Kid Rock bring to the WWE product? Kid Rock sang songs live for WWE. That is his only “contribution”.

Take a quick look at Kid Rock’s performance at Wrestlemania 25.  During said performance, the “divas” for the upcoming match played background prop. It was the height of the anti women’s revolution of the mid 2000s.

Did you know Sunny or Torrie Wilson were in that Battle Royal? Did you see they enter? No? Well, Kid Rock is the reason why.  Thanks Kid Rock.

Apart from periodic WWE concerts, which by the way are always terrible, Kid Rock also did the themes of 2000s American Badass Undertaker (See- worst version of Taker) and Stacey Kiebler.  So, there’s that.


According to WWE’s induction video (included below), Kid Rock has performed live not just once, not just twice but three separate times, each time taking time away from the performers that everyone actually cares about.  WOW, good job Kid Rock.


There is nothing else to say. Bad idea. Bad inductee. Let’s move on.


Why 2018?


Wrestlemania’s theme this year is provided by Kid Rock.

It’s a great marketing opportunity

Thanks Brand Ambassador, whatever that is.

Opens Door For?

EVERYONE. Theoretically, anyone who has ever appeared on a WWE screen. Adam Sandler for the time he sat in the stands. Jenny McCarthy for walking Shawn Michaels down the aisle, Micky Rourke for punching Chris Jericho, or Kim Kardashian for talking too much.

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

All of the reasons. Pick any. Any reason.

Jim Cornette below has a couple of his own. (including suggesting closing the Celebrity wing)



WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2006: William “The Refrigerator” Perry


William “The Refrigerator” Perry

Class of 2006: Celebrity Inductee

Football Player. Heel Eliminated Big John Studd at Wrestlemania 2


Hall of Fame Rating

1 out of 10


The Celebrity Wing is a joke. I have mentioned this fact over and over again while covering these inductees. Ninety-five percent of people (made up stastic), agree that celebrities are at least extranious and at most offensive to the most presitgious (for its WWE pedistal alone) professional wrestling Hall of Fame. Maurice D. Proffitt on Rant Sports recently wrote an article which summarizes why this concept should just end.


William “The Refriegerator” Perry is the second worst inductee is history. Drew Carey is the worst. He is also a grand example of why celebrities shouldn’t be included and is also the inherent problem with the WWE Hall of Fame in general.

Up until recently, anyone could be inducted in the Hall. The bar was set extremely low. Many of the hardcore fans followed up by dismissing the Hall as a joke and something to be ignored. Too many classes had amazing uppercards and catospheres of undercard inductees. I blame 2006 with Tony Atlas and William Perry for the pattern which emerged. Drew Carey? Oh that’s Perry’s fault.


But James, How is that Perry’s fault?

Easy. William Perry competed once for the WWE. He participated in the Wrestlemania 2 Chicago semi-main event (remember the three venue Wrestlemania 2? Passionate Overkill) He and five other football players competed in the battle royal with such legends as Sammartino, Morales and Andre. William Perry was the most well known of all the football players. The others were just you know, random football players. These men were brought in to allow Perry to participate (and perhaps coax him) Does anyone really remember who Bill Frolic or Harvey Martin are?

Bet you can't tell me which one this is without using google!

Bet you can’t tell me which one this is without using google!

Perry would need to be coaxed because his and all the players invovlement was a stunt. Stunts are WWE’s specilaity. Almost all the celebrity involvment in WWE is done by non fans who are advertising something (Drew Carey’s Improv Extravanganza!) or showing off (Floyd Mayweather). Perry falls into the second category as well. He did this cause some advisor said to and he was paid a lot. He had just won the SuperBowl with the Chicago Bears and was as famous as a football player was going to get. Milk that fame time!

So he participates in the battle royal. The WWE advertised the hell outta it. And Perry doesn’t even win. He doesn’t even get close. He wasn’t even the last football player (Russ Francis was) He particpated. Plain and simple. BTW, my favorite moment of the battle royal is when Perry jumps off the top rope and Gene Okerlund jumps up and down as if Perry created a wave of energy. None of the wrestlers do this, making Gene look stupid. WWE defintately got better at this stuff as they went on. By the way all of Perry’s involvement fits on this one video below. All of it.

John Cena – 2006 WWE Hall of Fame – William “The Refrigerator” Perry Induction – Video Dailymotion.

The fight starts and eventually, Perry fights Big John Studd. Studd pushes Perry and eliminates him. What an exciting end.


But Perry isn’t finished. He must avenge himself. So he turns heel and holds out his hand. At this point, Studd greated by the Heel power of Perry, immediately turns baby-face and falls for it. Studd is pulled out by Perry. Wrestlemania moment or something.


Apart from being the only celebrity in history to do a double turn in a battle royal, that is the only accomplishment for William Perry. He never returns to WWE programming until the Hall of Fame. He never talked about wrestling and probably never thought about it again until the Hall of Fame. This is like CM Punk being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, for throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game.

Can I be in the Cubs Hall of Fame?

Can I be in the Cubs Hall of Fame?

The induction itself was mostly not about Perry. Cena and HHH used it to continue their kayfabe feud at a non kayfabe event (Something WWE did for a little bit, annoyingly). The induction speech was ridiculous, and Perry obviously was uncomfortable (as by the way all celebrity inductees seem, gee I wonder if they are out of place?)

And so ends Perry’s involvement. He did the thing WWE wanted. He got attention. Congrats William Perry, you ruined everything.


That’s Not Cool!

Why 2006?

2006 was in Chicago. This was the first year that WWE began using the area they were in to define the class. Sometimes this works (Gordon Solie in Flordia) and in other cases such as Perry’s it doesn’t.

WWE began the Celebrity Wing in 2004 and ignored it in 2005. Supposedly this was due to Mr. T declineing in 2005. So when 2006 hit, the WWE wanted to bring back. HOW TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?


I imagine the discussion between Vince McMahon and Johnny Ace went like this.


I want a celebrity this year!


GREAT Idea! Who?


I don’t know. Who is from Chicago that has done something with us?


I don’t know. Lets ask this random temp.


Uh…didn’t the Fridge do that battle royal with Andre


Uh…Fridge…That’s an appliance…..

I meant William Perry...at Wrestlemania 2....

I meant William Perry…at Wrestlemania 2….


Yes! YES! That happened! Get him! Get him! Good work John.


He likes me!

Opens Door For?

Drew Carey. The worst inductee ever. Carey was Perry but in the Royal Rumble and not at Wrestlemania. If the WWE were to continue this pattern, Snooki would be in by 2020.

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

He doesn’t belong. Oh and he doesn’t even know or care about the product and just probably did the induction for the payday. All these reasons. Yup.