WWE Hall of Fame 2017 “Live Blog” Kurt Angle

WWE’s video on Kurt Angle is a great look at just how good he actually has been. I wish that they could show his time with TNA.

John Cena comes out to induct Kurt Angle.

The Boos are not as severe, although “John Cena Sucks” chant ensues. I love that this has been a wonderful addition.

The moment we are all going to experience is long overdue- Cena on Kurt Angle

Cena is doing a good job explaining why Kurt Angle is as good as he is. He is an amazing althlete who could make everyone laugh.

Kurt Angle had a large amount of hype and lived up to the hype.

It’s easy to forget that within the first year, Angle won Euro, IC and WWE Championship.

He was a superstar- John Cena on Angle

Short sweet and nice induction by John Cena.

Kurt’s music hits and the “You Suck” chants start immediately. It’s wonderful to hear those chants again. Kurt Angle, too long gone from WWE.

Let’s see what he has to say.

One more match chants start. Cheers for Angle are great.

“It’s great to be home”- Kurt Angle

C’Mon guys I just got here”- Angle on one more match chants

Angle tells of story of a contract offered to him in 1996. Vince offered multiple year deal, but told Vince he could never lose.

Two years later, Angle reached out and had to try out as everyone else.

12 months after he started, Angle was on PPV. He is the Braun Strowman of the late 90s.

It’s crazy to think that the Attitude Era ended 15 years ago. That person born after it was over is half way through high school.

I am beginning to wonder if Angle will mention TNA or at least Samoa Joe or Sting.

Limit your mistakes- Kurt Angle-telling everyone to follow rules.

Jesus Christ- Angle is coming back with his tail between his legs.

Takes chances with your character- Kurt Angle on how to make oneself stand out

Kurt Angle puts on a knock off version of his small little hat, its fun for the fans and so very bizarre.

Angle then puts on the wig and the headgear.

I made the immortal Hulk Hogan tap out with this on- Kurt Angle showing how awesome he was

His humor is coming through on this induction.

It’s almost like Angle is auditioning for a role with WWE currently, showcasing all he can.

He showcases his “rap skills” and his “I’m just a sexy Kurt” . This is an awesome.

They cut to Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels- both of whom look like they are flabergasted with what Angle is doing.

Still an “Angle” chant comes out over the crowd.

Character moments are the best.

Wow, WWE should definately be back on TV regularly. He could easily handle the GM role and could likely wrestle every now and then like Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

I am super pumped that Angle is back in the WWE.

Let’s do this

Kurt Angle

9 out of 10

WWE Hall of Fame 2017: “Live Blog” Legacy Inductees

A short sweet video package:

I’ve described earlier in this week how sad these guys inclusions this way is terrible.


Read that here. 


Legacy Inductees were

Edward “Bearcat” Wright (was not on the rumored name list)

Haystacks Calhoun

Judy Grable

Farmer Burns


Luther Lindsay

June Byers

Toots Mondt

Dr. Jerry Graham

The way that these major stars of yesteryear are showcased is both offensive and sad. However, they are all now full fledged members of the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE Hall of Fame “Live Blog” Teddy Long

Jerry Lawler should never say the word playa!

Michael Ps Hayes just called Teddy Long one of the best manager in WCW and WWE history. Lies are everywhere.

I will give Teddy Long credit for DOOM. It was an amazing team

Part of this video is showing how Teddy Long could never get his lines correct. That’s proof positive that he doesn’t belong, here but oh well.

The APA comes out to induct Teddy Long. I’d rather have seen DOOM do it. Butch Reed is still alive.

Someone forgot to tell Ron Simmons to wear a tuxedo.

Teddy Long is the cheapest human being in history- JBL

Scrooge is two- Ron Simmons

Good ribbing of Teddy Long about his cheapest.

Teddy Long history- driver of APA. Fun story of Teddy being pulled over for APA

He was around during civil war- JBL

These guys are fun. The whole speech is a rib on Teddy Long. He is a cheap guy, who is really old.

The serious time starts- talking about segregation, an American tragedy, which Teddy Long, being almost 70, lived through.

JBL quoting MLK is bizarre. Doesn’t he like appear on Fox News? Seems out of place.

Big Cat Ernie Ladd, Ron Simmons, JYD and Teddy Long- one of these things doesn’t belong here.

Teddy Long comes out. Here comes the Cheapest Human being on the planet- Teddy Long

Teddy Long is wearing a red suit jacket.

You’all aren’t loud enough for me- Teddy Long

Give me a holla holla holla- Fans kind of do it.

Thank you very much

I am cheap- Teddy Long. That’s a good fun quote.

Teddy Long started in 1983-1984 and made no money in his first job. Teddy got into the back and was a gofer for wrestlers to get into the back. Smart.

Ran as part of the ring crew. Teddy Long’s first match was a Texas Death Match with Ron Bass.

I am scared out of my mind- Teddy Long

Referring to manager, Teddy Long started riding from Kevin Sullivan and Eddie Gilbert. Learned quite a bit from the two of them.

Gilbert and Sullivan went to Jim Ross and Ross got Long into being a manager.

Long led DOOM, Johnny B. Badd, Ice Train, Scott Norton and Skyscrapers, among others.

Jim Ross hired Long in 1998 as a referee, and after a year- Teddy Long managed D’Lo Brown

I’ve had you under my nose all this time- Vince McMahon to Teddy Long

In WWE, Mark Henry, Chris Nowinski, Mark Jindrak and Rodney Mack- the whos who of who the fuck are you.

Teddy Long is longest running GM in pro wrestling history. His most famous reason is above. Tag Team matches playa!

Teddy Long thanks God, the McMahon family (pronounced MacMan, oh southerners)

Teddy thanks the WWE Universe and says goodnight.

Teddy does his catch phrases on the APA, offering to put them in tag match, or JBL in a one on one with the Undertaker

Although his inclusion is kinda of meh, that was short, sweet and fun.

Teddy Long

6 out of 10