WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018: Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Class of 2018: Celebrity Inductee

Obnoxious rap rocker, Somehow in the WWE Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Rating

1 out of 10

A Joke

For anyone new to this blog, my disdain for the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame has been documented. The first Celebrity, Pete Rose, despite being an obvious marketing ploy, was acceptable as Rose played a role  at three Wrestlemanias (feuding with Kane) and “got it”, by playing a heel (a rarity for celebrities). WWE immediately showed they didn’t understand their own creation by including William Perry in 2006. Perry appeared once for WWE in a battle royal. Great…

While it appeared that WWE had realized their error by including Bob Uecker in 2010, in 2011, WWE confirmed their shortsightedness and general apathy toward fans of the WWE Hall of Fame with the inclusion of Drew Carey into the Celebrity Wing.

Drew Carey = Sad

Since then the Celebrity wing has jumped back and forth still featuring mostly undeserving inclusions. Obvious welcome additions of Mike Tyson and Mr. T aside, the celebrity is the joke of each year. How bad can the choice be? In 2013, future president Donald Trump got in. In 2015, Arnold got in for appearing twice, 2016 gave us Snoop Dog, who despite being a fan, never actually appeared in an angle with the organization.

Now that we are all caught up on the ugh fest that is the Celebrity Wing, lets take a quick look at this years inclusion. WWE Hall of Famer- Kid Rock.

The celebrity criterion, as explained above, is already low- but Kid Rock? Kid Rock is the just as bad as Perry. Why, apart from marketing, is this man in the WWE Hall of Fame. What did Kid Rock bring to the WWE product? Kid Rock sang songs live for WWE. That is his only “contribution”.

Take a quick look at Kid Rock’s performance at Wrestlemania 25.  During said performance, the “divas” for the upcoming match played background prop. It was the height of the anti women’s revolution of the mid 2000s.

Did you know Sunny or Torrie Wilson were in that Battle Royal? Did you see they enter? No? Well, Kid Rock is the reason why.  Thanks Kid Rock.

Apart from periodic WWE concerts, which by the way are always terrible, Kid Rock also did the themes of 2000s American Badass Undertaker (See- worst version of Taker) and Stacey Kiebler.  So, there’s that.


According to WWE’s induction video (included below), Kid Rock has performed live not just once, not just twice but three separate times, each time taking time away from the performers that everyone actually cares about.  WOW, good job Kid Rock.


There is nothing else to say. Bad idea. Bad inductee. Let’s move on.


Why 2018?


Wrestlemania’s theme this year is provided by Kid Rock.

It’s a great marketing opportunity

Thanks Brand Ambassador, whatever that is.

Opens Door For?

EVERYONE. Theoretically, anyone who has ever appeared on a WWE screen. Adam Sandler for the time he sat in the stands. Jenny McCarthy for walking Shawn Michaels down the aisle, Micky Rourke for punching Chris Jericho, or Kim Kardashian for talking too much.

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

All of the reasons. Pick any. Any reason.

Jim Cornette below has a couple of his own. (including suggesting closing the Celebrity wing)


WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015: Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Travesty


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Class of 2015: Celebrity Inductee

 The Governator, The Terminator

10492 - Arnold_Schwarzenegger WWE_Hall_Of_Fame_Induction_Ceremony celebrity microphone suit wwe

Hall of Fame Ranking

2 out of 10


For any avid reader of this blog, my hatred of the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame is both well documented and volitile. I hate it. I think its stupid and represents all that’s wrong with the WWE. It puts celebrity, a loose term which means very little nowadays, over content and its own wrestlers. It happens all the time. Want an example? At Wrestlemania 25, Chris Jericho defeated three Hall of Famers (Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat) in a 3 on 1 elimination match. Jericho then destroyed Ric Flair (4th Hall of Famer) after the match. And who was the knight in shining armor to defeat the evil Jericho? Why Mickey Rourke.


With one punch, Rourke vanquished Jericho and everyone was happy….Except me. Mickey Rourke’s participation made 16 time World Champion Ric Flair look like a chump. The powers that be in WWE (IE Vince McMahon) don’t care and love the celebrity participation.  I have to believe at this point that McMahon is convinced that a celebrity (regardless of who) legitimizes his life’s work. Why else would he do it?

Celebrities are a part of WWE, especially around Wrestlemania season. I just have to accept it and I do….kinda. Some are fine because like every other inductee, there are different levels of Celebrity inductee. Last year, we were finally given Mr. T….

And his Momma Speech

And his Momma Speech

Celebrity or not, Mr. T is an important part of WWE’s history.  He is the best example of the celebrity (in this case Mr T at his height of popularity) legitimizing wrestling. Without T, would Hulk Hogan and Wrestlemania 1 have been as big? I don’t think so. Mr. T belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame. So does Mike Tyson (ushering in Attitude Era), Cyndi Lauper (Rock’n Wrestling) and Andy Kaufman (only celebrity to really play a heel).




THATS IT!!!!! No one else. No other celebrity has ever had enough effect to become a Hall of Famer. What is a Hall of Famer? The cream of the crop, the best of the best. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the best of the celebrities who have appeared in WWE?


Let’s take a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s appearances with the WWE. He has appeared three times.

In 1999, during the height of the Attitude Era, Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on WWF Smackdown to accept a replica WWE Title. Schwarzenegger  was named  the “World Box Office Champion.”, a championship which was never defended nor ever mentioned again.  Later that evening, he helped The Rock and others defeat D-Generation X when he slid a steel chair to special enforcer Steve Austin, who then hit Triple H.  Following the bout, Triple H took a swing at Schwarzenegger, who ducked and terminated The Game with a series of vicious fists. What a Hall of fame moment!!!!

And that is it. That’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger did with the WWE. He accepted a fake championship and was never seen again until 2013, when he inducted Bruno Sammartino into the Hall of Fame.

As my blood pressure grows over this induction, take a quick look at Arnold’s last appearance with the WWE, where he, Hulk Hogan and someone named Joe Manganiello beat up the Miz, once again proving that Celebrities are better than WWE superstars. Now, the best part of this appearance is it was a “guest host” spot to shill an upcoming movie. The movie, Sabotage, was seen by no one and cared about by only those in the ring and McMahon himself.

Can someone please explain to me how this above is a “Hall of Fame Career”. I spend my time on this site destroying guys who will never get in the Hall of Fame. Names like Ahmed Johnson or Dan Severn will never grace the Halls. But yet in comparison to Arnold Schwarzenegger, both deserve to headline multiple classes.

Even WWE.com, with their revisionist bullshit writing, struggles to defend why Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the Hall of Fame.


To summarize the above for those who hate reading, Arnold is friends with Bruno Sammartino and he and Jesse Ventura did movies together. Its good to know that all you have to do to get into the WWE Hall of Fame is be friends with people in the organization.

Since this was announced, I have been trying to figure out if this is the worst induction ever or not. By leaps and bounds, Drew Carey was the most embarrassing induction in history. His involvement was one match (the Royal Rumble no less) where he basically made fun of it, knowing nothing of the product, and was really there to shill some shitty show which didn’t last.


Drew Carey doesn’t belong in the Hall, but at least he participated in a goddamn match!. Arnold received a belt for  just showing up. (Talk about participation awards). This induction has infuriated me so much, that I am defending Drew Carey. What has the world come to.

WWE can do and has done so much better.

Why 2015?

Its in California! And Arnold lives there! And he’s a super big name! Fuck the Celebrity Wing. Seriously.

To WWE, Vince McMahon, Triple H and anyone else involved:


Opens Door For?

Jeremy Piven, Snooki, Maria Menounus, William Shatner, Alex Trebek and any number of other undeserving candidates.

Now presenting Future Hall of Famer: Kevin Hart!

Now presenting Future Hall of Famer: Kevin Hart!

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

All of them. Pick any reason. Personally, I say the movie Sabotage. Have you seen this garbage? It makes the turds that WWE normally puts out look like diamonds.


Old Arnold: Action Star!

WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014: Mr. T


Mr. T

Class of 2014: Celebrity Inductee

 Pittier of Fools; Top  Five Most Important Celebrities in Wrestling History


Hall of Fame Ranking

6 out of 10


In the history of WWE, there have been tons of celebrities. The Hall of Fame is littered with examples of one and done celebrity contributions (See William Perry). If a celebrity wing has to exist, none of these belong in the WWE Hall of Fame. There is a select group of true impact-full  outside figures. In WWE, the top  three are Mr. T, Cyndi Lauper and Mike Tyson (Andy Kaufman takes Tyson’s place if we count other promotions). Mr. T takes the top spot. He brought Wrestlemania to the next level.

It is simple. In 1985, Mr. T was hot stuff. Keep in mind, the landscape of the 1980s in entertainment was drastically different than today. Even with the advent of cable television, most had 35 channels maximum. Television was smaller, it hadn’t grown to the monstrosity it is today. Today, everyone is a star.

Meet these people... who are famous for...Fuckall...

Meet these people… who are famous for…Fuckall…

In 1985, Mr. T was in the middle of starring in the hit television show The A-Team with legit actor George Peppard, and Battlestar Galactica star Dirk Benedict. It was a legit gig. Comparable today might be working on House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. On top of that Mr. T, had finished up a breakout role in Rocky III as Clubber Lang and was riding high on his quest to super stardom. This is the man who had his own children’s cereal.


Where the prize is more Mr. T

Mr T was  major popular star of a hit television show coming into the WWE and not only appearing, not only participating in an angle, but learning to and actually wrestling. (And not in the Seth Green  “Isn’t this funny”, kind of way) He actually fought and did a hip toss and a bodyslam.  When Mr. T did these things, he represented legitimization of wrestling as a form of entertainment. Hulk Hogan is credited (with the brain power of Vince McMahon) as being the face of the mainstream coming of age of wrestling. While Hogan is the face, the usher was Mr. T. Because of Mr. T, Hulk Hogan appeared on late night, he appeared on Saturday Night Live and he choked out Richard Beltzer.

It is common knowledge that Vince McMahon leveraged his home on Wrestlemania 1. The concept was to take the supershow, something which had been done for a couple of years in the form of Starrcade, and add glamour, glitz and legitimacy . In McMahon eyes, legitimacy meant celebrity and mainstream attention. His vision was to bring the eyes of the media on pro wrestling. And McMahon paid for that through his teeth.

Wrestlemania 1 had a ton of celebrities and those guys aren’t cheap. On top of Mr. T was Muhammad Ali, who had a special affinity for wrestling paychecks as he even appeared in Mid South seconding the Snow-Man. For real.

Add in Liberace, The Rockettes, Cyndi Lauper, and many many more and Vince bet it all on this show. This is why T’s participation is so key. The show needed the face of WWE to be Hulk Hogan and Celebrity. Mr. T made Hulk Hogan a celebrity to the point that even  today is the one wrestler that everyone, young or old, rich or poor knows. This is thanks to the doors opened by Mr. T.

The best part of his participation in the event is that Mr. T is one of only a few guys (back to that list again) who didn’t feel above the frey. When Floyd Mayweather wrestled, it was a gimmick, he didn’t even care. When Jeremy Piven jumped off the top rope we received Summer Fest. There is an unmistakable air about celebrities on WWE programming that almost says ” I know I’m better than this”. T was different. He joined the storyline. He complimented and become engulfed in a storyline, where he got beat up, allowed the heels to get heat and came back. He understood (or at least was willing to go along with) the way the business works. Vince took an idea which was perfected by Andy Kaufman (only celebrity willing to play heel) and WWFized it. T wasn’t a villain, but he was a representation of our hero. And he was good at it.

Mr. T’s character was perfect for Pro Wrestling. He is an absolute ridiculous caricature of a person. Him along with many others are the encapsulation of the 1980s. Ridiculous was king in the 80s. In the recent 80s Radio Shack commerical (with Hulk Hogan) the only missing element was Mr. T.

Mr. T also did one other thing that very few celebrities do. He continued with the organization for many years. The very next year, Mr. T took his rivalry with Roddy Piper to the next level in a one on one…boxing match? In a move which worked for none, the match ended in a DQ finish due to a body slam…


Mr. T was such a character that he continued with WWE sporadically until 1987 when T wanted too much money for his level of stardom at the time. And that was that. Its always about the bucks and T’s induction might be related to a good payday. Regardless of why, he is inclusion is a must and a welcome, overdue move on the part of WWE. The fans are happy about this one.


Why 2014?

The money. T is in need of cash due to his legal troubles with his son. Plain and simple, WWE is smart. With, the 30th anniversary (29th damn it!)  Mr. T appeared in the Wrestlemania 1 main event. Hogan is back and now so is Mr. T. Regardless of why, his inclusion is welcome and awesome. 

Opens Door For?

 The other Top Three celebrities.. Next should be Cyndi Lauper and Andy Kaufman.

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

Mr. T might fight Roddy Piper as they legitimately don’t like each other.