Harlem Heat Joining the Hall of Fame

It’s the year of 2 time, 2 time ,2 time inductees! (See what I did there) Harlem Heat, Booker T (aforementioned previous inductee) and Stevie Ray are joining the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019.

While I am sure we will see future two time inductees which are less than stellar, Booker T and his brother are a very well deserving tag team inclusion. The only real “surprise” is that Harlem Heat, and Stevie Ray himself never competed for the WWE and are very rarely if ever mentioned.

This strikes me similar to the Rock n Roll Express in 2017, a deserving Tag Team outside of the WWE banner. Well deserved induction.

My only quibble is yet again Demolition, Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs are not going to be included. This is a running theme.

Anywho, I will do a full breakdown of Harlem Heat soon. In meantime, here’s some title wins for the HEAT!


WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019: Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson

Class of 2019

Woman “Wrestler”

Hall of Fame Rating

1 out of 10

A joke

Holy moly, what are we doing here, WWE? Torrie Wilson?

WWE has a tendency to induct undeserving talents. Its a WWE staple. Almost each year has at least one head scratcher; one obvious misstep. Did the Bushwhackers belong in the Class of 2015 with Macho Man Randy Savage? Of course not. Should The Godfather have joined a class filled with legends like Sting, the Fabulous Freebirds and Stan Hansen? No. Yet even despite their obvious lack of worth, there is only one Hall of Famer who universally was panned by fans everywhere. That man was Koko B. Ware.

Mr. Hall of Fame said no one ever

So why do I bring up Mr. Ware in Torrie Wilson’s induction article? Well simply, WWE has now given us the female version of Koko B. Ware in the Hall of Fame. Welcome to Torrie Wilson.

Torrie Wilson has no business being anywhere near any Hall of Fame. Halls of Fame go to the best of the best. So how do you define the best? In wrestling, sometimes its championships. Let’s look at Torrie’s championships.



Okay, sometimes people get in for having amazing matches. Let’s take a look at Torrie Wilson’s greatest matches.



So this latest inductee has no championships and never put on a great match. Surely she must have done something in wrestling to be given this honor?

Here are the two things Torrie Wilson is known best for. Firstly, she had a feud with Dawn Marie (Who?), where Torrie’s father Al married Dawn Marie in his underwear, before suffering a heart attack.

Riveting televison.

The second thing Torrie is known for is carrying a dog.

That’s it. That’s all. There is nothing memorable, nothing worthy. This induction makes no sense and is as bad as the worst of the worst.

WWE is all about making the women and men’s wrestlers equal in today’s environment, so congratulations to the Female Koko B. Ware, Torrie Wilson. You are unwelcome, despised and awful.


Why 2018?

Torrie came back for the first Women’s Royal Rumble in 2018…maybe?

Opens Door For?

Fifi the dog. That’s Torrie’s dog. Might as well as this point


Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

Literally ALL the reasons. BAD BAD BAD.


Torrie Wilson Becomes the Ko Ko B Ware of Female Inductions

Not a year goes by where there isn’t one induction which is a head scratcher. Whether its The Godfather or the Bushwhackers, WWE continues to induct people, gimmicks and characters which have no business being mentioned in Halls of Fame. The biggest and best example (outside of Vince Sr’s limo driver James Dudley) is Koko B. Ware.

Ware was a popular talent in the 80s who feuded with absolutely no one, was an undercard wrestler, and sang a song for the 1987 album, Piledriver. Not a Hall of Fame career. 2009 was the time where the rejuvenated Hall of Fame (brought back in 2004) seemed to jump the shark, anyone, literally anyone could get in the Hall of Fame, a point proved the following year when Drew Carey went in for one appearance.

The reason I bring this up is Torrie Wilson is as bad a Ko Ko B. Ware. She is the female equivalent. Good job WWE.

Name one feud, one great match, one angle where Torrie Wilson succeeded and showcase her talents to be of a caliber to be exemplified as the best of the best. Torrie isn’t even average. She was bad.

She was one of the best examples of a talent brought in (originally to WCW) for her looks over her actual wrestling ability. She would be the precursor to Kelly Kelly, an untalented model who had no business being in this business.

So why Torrie, when Molly Holly, Victoria, Sable, Luna Vachon, Bull Nakano, The Jumping Bomb Angels, Velvet Mcintyre and Rockin Robin aren’t in?

Uh…she’s hot?


I’m going to do a scathing full breakdown on Torrie Wilson shortly. In the meantime, here’s what Torrie is known for.  Hall of Famer, my ass