James Ferrarella is a writer, producer, and comedian living in NYC. He is the host, booker and producer of the long running Sunday variety comedy hour, Froduce, which he has run for the past four years. He lives in Astoria with his wife, a brand new baby named Luke and a cat who hates his guts. He also owns a small collectibles and action figure business named Klogman Collectibles.  Here is his eBay page

Fun Facts

James is a former Catholic Seminarian.

James enjoys talking and currently does tours of NYC as a Grayline Tour Guide.

On any given Tuesday, James can be found eating pizza. His favorite food.

James does ingest alcoholic beverages, mostlyonly in large quantities on Sundays

Canada is the only foreign country James has been to, during a heavy blizzard.

James appeared on Greg the Bunny, as a background Apostle of Jesus.

Froduce disappointingly stands for Fruit Produce, it is unrelated to hair.

James is allergic to apples, pears, avocados and bleach. Bleach is in cigarettes.

James’ girlfriend is named Jaime. On occassion, people call James, Jaime. It is confusing.

Wrestling Background

James has been watching WWF and WCW since 1987. He has since watch obsessively as much 1960-1987 era wrestling from all over the country. James writes a blog on the WWE Hall of Fame  which you are reading currently.

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