Harlem Heat Joining the Hall of Fame

It’s the year of 2 time, 2 time ,2 time inductees! (See what I did there) Harlem Heat, Booker T (aforementioned previous inductee) and Stevie Ray are joining the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019.

While I am sure we will see future two time inductees which are less than stellar, Booker T and his brother are a very well deserving tag team inclusion. The only real “surprise” is that Harlem Heat, and Stevie Ray himself never competed for the WWE and are very rarely if ever mentioned.

This strikes me similar to the Rock n Roll Express in 2017, a deserving Tag Team outside of the WWE banner. Well deserved induction.

My only quibble is yet again Demolition, Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs are not going to be included. This is a running theme.

Anywho, I will do a full breakdown of Harlem Heat soon. In meantime, here’s some title wins for the HEAT!

2 thoughts on “Harlem Heat Joining the Hall of Fame

  1. So, waiting for your thoughts on Brutis The Fucking Barber Beefcake going in. Will this be the first ever 0 out of 10 induction or negative number? Should Beefcake thank Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson for making him relevant again?

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