Vader Passes Away- How is he not in the Hall of Fame?

Today it has been announced that Leon White also Vader has passed away due to his long running heart issues. He was 63.

Normally, I wouldn’t do a piece on a wrestler who isn’t included in the Hall of Fame, but Vader was one of those I’ve done a “Future Hall of Famer” piece on and has always been an obvious choice who lack of inclusion each year since 2015 has been glaring.

With Vader’s death, he lack of inclusion now falls into the “what the fuck WWE” category like Macho Man Randy Savage, and Ivan Koloff. There was plenty of time and opportunity to put Vader in. Vader went out of his way to ask himself to get put in as his time was limited. Mick Foley tweeted about how Vader needed to go into the Hall of Fame as his time was limited.

This is an awful shame and one which WWE should feel terrible about. Put him in 2019, one year too late.

God damn god damn.

Sorry you didn’t get to live the Hall of Fame induction Vader. You will be missed.


One thought on “Vader Passes Away- How is he not in the Hall of Fame?

  1. It’s shameful that Vader’s not in the Hall of Fame, that the WWE didn’t put him in the Hall of Fame when they knew he’d been given 2 years to live. They had the chance to honour him when he was alive to appreciate it, to give Vader one more chance to recieve the affection of the fans on the biggest stage, and they blew him off.

    They blew him off so they could induct Teddy Long, Hillbilly Jim, Mark Henry and Jeff Jarrett, and no disrespect meant to any of them but none of them were more deserving of a Hall of Fame spot than Big Van Vader – hell! I’d argue only Kurt Angle and Goldberg from the past two years rival Vader as a Hall of Fame worthy candidate.

    He can still be commemorated the right way by going in next year – and they really cant put it off again unless they want to display utter contempt and disrespect to his legacy – but it should have happened a long time ago.

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