Warrior Award goes to a sick kid, 2018 edition

Generally, I tend to ignore or at least not address the award WWE has shoehorned into the WWE Hall of Fame since 2015, the eye-rolling marketing tool known as the  Warrior Award. Therefore, this will be quick and we can forget about it for rest of season.

Started the year after the death of Ultimate Warrior, the Award is based on a segment of Warrior’s own induction speech, where he suggested the Warrior award to go to the regular worker in WWE (merchandise, people who put the ring together etc) WWE, spectacular at doing everything for sole purpose of making themselves look good, instead created what I called in 2015- The Dead Child Award.

WWE has since proved me wrong by giving it to Joan Lunden (not  a dead kid)  in 2016 and a football player who was handicapped in 2017. (I could look up his name, but I just really don’t want to.)

This year is another kid, but not a dead one. It is Jarrius Robertson- a kid who has overcame disease. I am not going to sit here and insult/complain about this any further except to say like I do every year- Very nice award- doesn’t belong at the WWE (ie professional wrestling ) Hall of Fame ceremony. Now if you’ll excuse me, let’s go back to wrestling.


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