WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018: Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett

Class of 2018

Father of TNA Wrestling; The Most unexpected inductee ever

Hall of Fame Rating

7.5 out of 10


Hell has frozen over and I am wrong. In April of 2013, almost 5 years ago, I penned “Never Going into Hall of Fame: Jeff Jarrett” , an article lambasting Jeff Jarrett as a unsuccessful star in WWE, who has so pissed off Vince McMahon, that he received a live firing from Vince, even when he didn’t officially work for WWE (was part of the purchased WCW)

The expression “Never Say Never” has been applied to many stars, Bruno, Warrior, Savage, etc but Jeff Jarrett to me was always a no go. Each of the previously mentioned men were brought in with a combination of respect (Triple H reaching out) and money (Bruno got lots of money, Warrior family still has contract). Jarrett is different. Jarrett is here because last year Jeff Jarrett went to rehab, on WWE’s dime.

WWE has the standing offer to help any previous employee get help for substance abuse, a program used by Sunny, XPAC and many others. It’s a nice thing, used a way to avoid the drug related deaths. And Jeff Jarrett needed help. Jarrett return to TNA and merger with GFW was going so so, mostly due to Jarrett. Jarrett’s last best hope at recreating his early TNA success didn’t light the world on fire.  Jarrett’s drinking backstage and in general, a problem he wasn’t necessarily known publicly ,started to bite him in the foot. I can only assume he was drinking was always a problem and got the best of him. Jarrett was suspended and put on leave of absence and subsequently fired for the third and likely final time in 2017, leaving Jeff Jarrett with nothing. With no one to turn to, Jarrett turned to WWE. Listen below to the beloved Solomonster explain the situation

I say that Hell has frozen over because this shouldn’t have happened, Jeff Jarrett, with his father Jerry- created TNA- the 2006/2007 poacher of talent (Angle, Christian, Booker T,) and the best shot across the bow of WWE’s dominance the world has had since the demise of WCW. Jarrett, when ousted from TNA, even opened another promotion GFW, which while amazingly unsuccessful, was still Jarrett trying to create his own WWE. That man. He is going in the Hall of Fame.

Jarrett’s work and domination over TNA isn’t the only reason he has been persona non gratis with the juggernaut. In 1999, during Jarrett’s last run with the WWE, his contract was set to expire. Jarrett decided to return to WCW, but at the time he was intercontinental champion.  In his last match, Jarrett was to drop the IC Title to Chyna, something he agreed to if a large sum of money in cash was delivered to him. He held Vince McMahon up for money. This big no no (and something which has been falsely accused of the Ultimate Warrior in the past) is plainly stated not okay anywhere.


But yet Jeff Jarrett is now a WWE Hall of Famer. For this to be true, one can only guess that Jarrett apologized for his past deeds. Humble pie goes a long way. (See Kurt Angle)

When one gets past the shock, it is apropos to have the creator of TNA back with the WWE during the time of the “TNA Home Grown revolution” currently going on in WWE. Jarrett’s organization helped foster Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Bobby Roode- all of which are a big deal in WWE right now.

While I’ve never been a fan of Jarrett in general, it is impossible to deny his effect on wrestling. It seems the WWE agrees. Welcome to the Hall. Thanks for the egg all over my face.



Why 2018?

Jarrett made amends. He apologized. Vince likes that.

Vince is Happy

Opens Door For?

Dixie Carter and Jerry Jarrett. WWE is buying TNA without having to buy it. How Bizarre.

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

My pride. My first incorrect Never Going in the Hall.


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