WWE Hall of Fame 2017: Live Blog: Warrior Award

Oh goodness gracious, its time for the Warrior Award.

This year it is presented to the former football player, Eric LeGrand, who was injured while playing football.

He also has a foundation. And that is what WWE likes.

I hate the Warrior Award. Specifically because the WWE and Dana Warrior have bastardized what Warrior originally asked for.

In 2014, three days before his death, Warrior asked for a Jimmy Miranda Award to go to ring crew, camera men and those who never get any recognition for their help and contribution.

WWE didn’t like this idea. Instead, they decided to use it as a marketing tool. And that’s all this is. Dana Warrior comes out each year and gives an award to a person whom is raising money through charity. Whether its the deceased Connor the Crusher with Connor’s Cure, Joan Lunden with Breast Cancer Awareness or Eric LaGrand with Team LaGrand of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation- helping those with spinal cord injuries

So, here it is- Dana Warrior comes on stage like a mom trying to be cool- talking to Enzo and Sheamus etc. She is not dynamic and this award has no place at the WWE Hall of Fame. I am fine with this award existing, but I stand by this statement The Warrior Award doesn’t belong during the Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Have it at Backlash or Summerslam or any other night. Just not here.

And to summarize Dana Warrior’s speech, her quote below.

We never know which dollar will help over the hump, maybe it will be yours- Dana Warrior- sounding like she is on a telethon

Eric LeGrand comes to stage and there is mic issue. Someone just got fired. Live mic issues are the WWE’s least favorite thing.

Eric LeGrand thanks God. He truly is a football player.

Thanks Triple H as a fan,. Cut to Triple H, who is very serious.

Good to know that LeGrand is a wrestling fan. That itself helps a little bit. We know Joan Lundren was NOT a wrestling fan.

WWE cuts to Warrior Award on podium during the speech. Its pretty obvious that Kevin Dunn is bored with LeGrand’s speech or Vince wants to remind the wrestling fans why this is happening.

Its the Warrior Award!

Eric LeGrand explains his injury. It sounds super crazy painful. Football is more dangerous than any other sport. I stand by this Adam Ruins Everything skit.

Eric just said, “That’s when I found the Warrior inside me” This will be featured on marketing for the rest of eternity.

I will give Eric LeGrand credit for his story. He is a hard worker. A man who didn’t ever give up. This is a story which is inspiring. It just doesn’t belong here.

WWE just cut to Titus O’Neill. His wife is sleeping on his arm. WHOOPS! Titus just got in more trouble.

LeGrand did explain why he loves wrestling. This is very nice. He explains why he loves wrestling, and although is a long and rambling speech about the Attitude Era it comes from the right place.

Eric likes Steve Austin and he likes Kane. This is literally sounding like a fan explaining why he likes wrestling.

Step over the top rope, that’s badass- Eric LeGrand

Kane won me matches in Smackdown vs Raw 2009- Eric LeGrand

I like Eric LeGrand, he is a nice fellow. I just wish this was over. He has gone on longer than Rick Rude did and is coming up to the time the Rock N Roll Express had.



Warrior Award 3 out of 10 (Out of place- let’s move on)

Eric LeGrand’s Rock Impersonation 2 out of 10

WWE flagrant marketing of charities- 1 out of 10



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