WWE Hall of Fame 2017 “Live Blog” Rock n Roll Express


The Rock N Roll Express is up! That means after this video, Jim Cornette is up. This is going to be so good.

This video package reminds me that its a shame that the Rock N Roll Express never made it into WWE during their prime.

And here comes Corny!!!!!

Seeing him on WWE TV is about as weird as it was to see Bruno Sammartino the first time in 2013.

Jerry Lawler’s idea? Rock n Roll Express is due to Jerry Lawler. Despite Lawler being the Hall of Fame, he is really never given credit for what he did. Gibson and Morton, Kamala, One Man Gang, Kane among others.

Cornette has so far not done anything controversial.

Ricky Gibson? I have no idea who that is. Looks like its google time.



Fun thing is majority of the audience doesn’t know who Cowboy Bill Watts is.

SEX! Rock n roll Express had sex going to the ring! Brutal to watch! AH! WWE is PG. Live mic!

Jim Cornette is explaing good tag team wrestling.

The fans threw the babies in the air”- Jim Cornette explaining excitement.

Midnight Express! Are they next? Dennis Codroy, Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane with Jim Cornette. Its a good idea. C’Mon WWE (That and Demolition)

Express vs Express was a good feud.

So far Cornette speech has been just about the Rock N Roll Express. He’s playing it cool. Sucking up to get Midnight Express in Hall of Fame. Smart move, not an interesting speech. Very similar to Eric Bischoff’s speech, a good supportive speech.

Smokey Mountain Wrestling!- First time in over a decade that name (owned by WWE) has been mentioned.

SMW was small time. I forgot that they were so integral to that. (Once they were too old)

Rock N Roll Express still wrestle. They do not do it well anymore.

Jim Cornette is talking about these guys like its a good thing that these guys can’t or won’t give up on the dream. It’s not.

Old men Rock n Roll Express isn’t a good thing Corney. 34 years as a team. In Smithsonian? Oh wow, Cornette in praising mode- is annoying.

Nobody wants them to stop- Jim Cornette lying

Rock n Roll Express equals Jesus. That’s good to know.

Rock n roll- Jim Cornette trying to start a chant and failing. Yeesh.

And here come the Rock N Roll Express.

Rock n Roll chant- I guess Jim was successful.

Rock n Roll Express seem out of place here and super uncomfortable.

Anyone see Morton thank Triple H at front of the stage.

Oh my goodness, these men shouldn’t be talking be talking. It’s the craziest speech since The Bushwhackers or Mr. T.


Ricky Morton is sucking up to the corporate setting. Hey, maybe they’ll get some merchandise out of it.

WWE showed Roman Reigns, boos ensued and scared the Rock N Roll Express.

Go to the flea market- Rock N Roll Express explaining something which went over the heads of the entire audience.

Dusty Rhodes just got compared to the Wizard of Oz? Does that mean that he was actually a lost farmer from Kansas.

I’m lost- Ricky Morton. Me to Ricky.

Calling Shawn Michaels a kid- yup Rock N Roll Express are very old.

Thanking Kevin Nash for this.

Thanks  Jim Crockett.  One of the many promoters that either will never be in the Hall of Fame or will go in as legacy people.

We wrestled a lot of guys- Rock N Roll Express, still not retired.


WOW, Rock N Roll Express begs WWE to induct the Midnight Express- Cornette, Condroy, Lane and Eaton.


prediction Rock N Roll Express is retiring?!

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are crying, not retiring.

That last moment was very heartfelt on their part. They are obviously blood brothers, which isn’t something that exists in every team.

Strange induction. Cornette did okay, mostly sticking to a script.

Morton and Gibson looked out of their element and for sure uncomfortable.

Gibson asking Morton to show is tongue (a conalinous joke) and being rebuffed summarizes this speech.

Rock N Roll Express (presented by Jim Cornette

5 out of 10


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