WWE Hall of Fame 2017 “Live Blog” Ravishing Rick Rude


Thanks Jerry Lawler for reminding us that Rick Rude is dead. Looking forward to this. Hope its okay. These are always the saddest.

It’s weird that Jake Roberts isn’t doing this induction. This video package remind us of the strange choice of inductor.

Ricky Steamboat? I guess.

And here comes the Dragon.

I guess he is doing it because of this match?

Ricky Steamboat finally started talking about wrestling. Rick Rude equals strong.

This is not a good speech.

Wow- Steamboat just skipped over Rude’s career to mention DX. And back to Heenan Family.

Wonder if anyone would mention that Rick Rude was on Nitro and Raw same night. I highly doubt that is the case.

Basics of Steamboat’s speech-

  1. Rude was muscular
  2. He was snug
  3. Here is Rick Rude’s family

Rick Rude’s music didn’t play! What is this garbage? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

Rick Rude’s son sounds like his father. That’ super cool. Cut the music.

Rick Rude’s last name is actually spelled Roode.

Rick Rude Jr. poorly does Rick Rude’s speech. Well its good to know that he completely lacks the charisma of his father.

You probably know more about my father’s career than I did- disappointing quote of Rick Roode Jr.

The biggest problem with the kids of spouse of dead superstars accepting is that its just not the same. Rick Rude died in 1999, so this wasn’t going to be a possible Hall of Fame speech ever. Man, I miss Rick Rude.

My father enjoyed boating, fishing and trying to hunt- Rick Roode Jr.

BTW, Rick Rude’s other son died last year in a car accident. Its real tough go (and might be the reason for this induction)

Short and awkward speech with the incorrect music. Sadly disappointing induction

Rick Rude

3 out of 10





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