WWE Hall of Fame 2017 “Live Blog” Opening

It’s WWE Hall of Fame Time. The pre show ends with 5 minutes to 8. And in pure WWE fashion, its time for commercials


The worst part of the WWE network is the commericals for the WWE network. Thanks, I will not be watching Swerved. Monday Night War. WCW and a long add for posWrestlemania. Thanks guys.

And here we go….

I’ve always loved the opening to the Hall of Fames. The music is perfect. I will try to find it and add to the post below later,

FYI- Hulk Hogan remains removed from the opening for the WWE Hall of Fame. (Snuka is still on there)

The Class of 2017 is such a mix this year.

Good: Kurt Angle, DDP, Rick Rude, Rock N Roll Express

Meh: Teddy Long

Bad: Beth Phoenix, Eric LeGrand (Warrior Award)- I will go into a Warrior Award rant when its on the screen.

And views of the crowd:

Few things I hope for tonight:

  1. Crowd aren’t assholes.
  2. People don’t talk to long.
  3. Warrior Award doesn’t take 45 minutes
  4. Jim Cornette is awesome
  5. Eric Bishoff is awesome
  6. Legacy Award isn’t bad


DDP is first. Next post.

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