WWE Hall of Fame 2017 “Live Blog” Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page is up first.

This video package is doing a really good at explaining why DDP shouldn’t have worked.

Only DDP would have video of his call from Triple H. Dallas, as he’s known to his friends, is an amazing self promoter.

Btw- DDP Yoga is the real deal. He saved Jake Roberts, and Scott Hall’s lives. And Mick Foley too.


Eric Bishoff! Eric Bishoff’s music. I love this song. Its one of the best songs


Dusty Rhodes memorial on Eric Bischoff’s part. DDP really wanted Rhodes to do induction. That was two years ago. Bizarre.

Man, I miss Bischoff. He rocks.

1988, Tanaka and Paul Diamond. That’s a blast from the past.

DDP’s story that WWE likes to tell is he shouldn’t have been successful. While true mostly, its kind of weird that DDP, multi time world champion, and savior of retired wrestlers is presented.

It’s easy to forget that DDP first gave us Vinny Vegas and Diamond Studd (Nash & Hall)

Bischoff’s story about DDP and his audition. It’s weird to think that DDP helped Eric Bischoff in WCW. They are obviously friends. One could ask if DDP’s relationship helped his upswing in 1997-1999.

The Power Plant! (Fun fact- Batista was turned away from Power Plant and told he’d never be successful) Whoops!

DDP started wrestling older than I am today. I still have a chance!!!


Question- Does Eric Bischoff today kind of look like Bobby Heenan 10 years ago? To the side?

DDP is a gimmick machine. Yup. He lives the gimmick. You should really look at DDP Yoga. Its like the character is training you.

And here comes DDP! (Which music?)

The shit music. That shitty WWE version of DDP’s music.


Diamond Dallas Page looks sparkily.

DDP’s “diamond daughters” walk him out.

Diamond Dallas Page mentions Rythymn and Blues! Fun Fact- DDP was the driver at WRestlemania 6.\

You deserve it chant- This is the worst chant since WHAT?

DDP mentioned Star Trek. I like DDP.

Dusty Rhodes mention. Without Dusty, there is no DDP. Defining moment. Dusty is the easiest impression to do. Everyone can do it.

Jesse Ventura of the 90s. “Don’t worry about it kid”

PS Michael Hayes laughed at DDP

Motivational time! IF you say you can and if say you can’t, you are right. That

This fake stuff hurts as hell!- DDP is a quote machine.

Daniel Bryan cheap pop!

DDP is crying over his first trainer- The Assassin.

Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker. Terry Taylor. Dusty’s wife Shelley.

Wow- DDP was a gimmick machine. Gum, cigars, bodyguards, sunglasses, and diamond dolls.

Eric Bischoff really took care of DDP.

Jake the Snake Roberts does not look happy. That guy is always moody. Without the Snake, there is no three time world champion.

How did WWE mess up this guy? The stalker? What were they thinking?

Jake is happy! THinks DDP was terrible! Education time with Jake the Snake Roberts does not sound pleasant.

Johnny Ace? Oh fun fact- Diamond Cutter was created by Johnny Ace. Yup.


This guy

Ron Reiss game DDP the Diamond Cutter sign? The Yeti? The Yeti came up with the Diamond Cutter sign?

DDP is going to thank everyone in his career.

The NWO vs DDP was a good angle. DDP was one of the greatest adversaries of the NWO.

DDP vs Randy Savage really was one of the best feuds of WCW.  DDP called Randy Savage on Thanksgiving. DDP is pretty good at impersonations.

Savage hugs DDP! I wish that was on video. More specifically, I wish Savage was still alive!

He’s thanking Hulk Hogan! HAHA! Yes,

1998- Rodman and Hogan vs DDP & Malone. That was a huge payday for everyone. It’s easy to forget how big that was. WCW did some things well. Celebrities for sure.

Kimberly! Thanking ex-wife! Haha!

Btw- side note- almost all wrestlers have been married twice. Fun Fact


DDP Yoga! Jericho! Foley! Snake! Hall! Goldust!

Goldberg vs DDP was good at Halloween Havoc. Goldberg’s best match, hands down.


Dusty story time- Dusty yelled at DDP for believing he’d never get world title.

DDP won his first world title off a fatal four way against Hulk, Sting and Flair. That’s like Jericho beating the Rock and Austin in one night. Big deal.

“It’s not that I’m so smart, its that i still with the problem longer- Einstein

To be an overachiever you first be an over believer- DDP. Quote machine!

DDP’s speech was awesome. Well deserved and we go to commercials…..


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  1. You didn’t score this one (I’d say at least 8/10, although more likely a 9 or even a full 10). What would you give it?

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