WWE Hall of Fame 2017 “Live Blog” Beth Phoenix

“Perhaps none more deserving of a place in WWE Hall of Fame than our next inductee”- a lie told by Jerry Lawler

I’ll begin this live blog with this statement, Beth Phoenix is the youngest WWE Hall of Fame inductee ever. EVER!

I am not onboard with this induction in any way and is another example of WWE wanting to follow their format and inducting someone for no reason. UGH!

Phoenix’s accomplishments according to WWE

  1. First WWE women’s submission match
  2. First WWE women’s table match
  3. Was in Royal Rumble for 3 minutes
  4. Was with Santino- as the foil for his comedy

And that’s it. Good god, this is gonna suck.

Here’s Natalya.

Follow Natalya’s cat on instagram at 2paws

On second thought- please don’t.

OOOO.this was meant to be.  Way back when in 2006, Mark Henry told Natalya that she reminded him of beth Phoenix.

Oh great. Jesus. I am going to kill myself.

We deemed ourselves Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah- Natalya


Thanks Roman


You know, there is a middle area in most WWE shows that sucks. We have reached that time here with the WWE Hall of Fame. Rude’s induction wasn’t good and Beth Phoenix’s praise by Natalya sounds stupid, contrived and a waste of time.

The only thing that would make this part of the night worse is for the Warrior Award to come next. (Which it is likely as Teddy and Kurt are all that is left)

To this day, I believe that Beth was my uncle Owen’s gift from heaven to me- awkward comment about Beth Phoenix

Give it up for Natalya’s destiny- (whatever that means)

The “incomparable” Beth Phoenix- a way Beth Phoenix has never been described until now.

HEY- Beth Phoenix dyed her hair back blonde

Beth Phoenix is married to Edge.

One more match- fans, hopefully sarcastically

I’m a mom now, don’t make me put you in a time out- Beth Phoenix

i’ll be frank- Beth Phoenix’s speech is super boring and I haven’t paid attention.

Watch it yourself- WWE network if you like.

I’m going to have a cigarette

Beth Phoenix

1 out 10

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