Rock N Roll Express Rumored for 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Class


WWE-Hall-of-Fame-logo-645x370According to PWinsider, The Rock n Roll Express has been “confirmed” for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017 in a “tag team” position. WWE has not officially confirmed the Rock n Roll Expressas an inductees, as of yet


Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton, better known as the Rock and Roll Express were one of the biggest teams in the NWA in the 1980s.  And although they did appear in the WWE briefly as part of the “Smokey Mountain Invasion” failure of 1995 and the NWA invasion failure of 1998, they never really had a great run with the last man standing in pro wrestling.

Gibson and Morton have held multiple NWA regional, NWA world tag and random tag team champions across the spectrum of indie wrestling. They are also unfortunately one of the many wrestlers who well into their 50s and 60s, just can’t let it go and do something else.

Oh god.....

Oh god…..

WWE does like to induct those bigger name stars who either rarely appeared or never appeared with the WWE. Abdullah the Butcher, Stan Hansen,and even Sting have proved that WWE wants to be seen as the home of all of wrestling’s history.

Apart from their embarrassing current “wrestling careers”, the Rock N Roll Express is a welcome addition. They will always been known as the first rock-n-roll themed tag team, something which was copied over and over again following them. I’m looking at you Rockers.





If the Rock n Roll Express make it into the Class of 2017, it is unlikely that the Natural Disasters will be included as rumored. With Earthquake deceased and Typhoon currently in  the hospital, the move to a different team makes sense and frankly works. Good for the Rock N Roll Express if they do make it. It will help them get a higher rate of their indie dates which they will continue until they physically can’t (maybe 70)

I know...its sad Batman

I know…its sad Batman


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