Beth Phoenix likely for 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Class


WWE-Hall-of-Fame-logo-645x370According to multiple sources online,  The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix has been “confirmed” for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017 in the  “lady wrestler” position, which has become a common occurrence since 2013.  WWE has not officially confirmed Phoenix as an inductee, and like Rude, Regal, DDP, IRS, and Natural Disasters, we will have to wait and see who is announced in the upcoming weeks. bethphoenix

Beth Phoenix is best known for her time in WWE during 2006-2012. Like many Divas (sorry Women’s wrestlers), their careers are shorter and less involved than their male counterparts. She was a multi time Women’s and Diva’s champion, heading the RAW brand as the lead female athlete for many years in the WWE.

While, all of this is well and good, I have one major issue with this induction. It is too soon. Beth Phoenix is 36 years old and she will tie Trish Stratus for the youngest person inducted in the Hall of Fame. With many outstanding female stars waiting on the sides (including deceased Chyna, Luna, Ms. Elizabeth and non dead Molly Holly, Victoria, Ivory, Sable and Bull Nakano.) This is an odd choice and one I can’t really stand behind.

What do you think? Is this the right time to induct Beth Phoenix?


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