It’s Time…For Vader to Join the Hall of Fame

For any fans of this blog, you might remember that one of the less frequent categories I write is “Future Hall of Famers” In this section, I address someone who will eventually join the Hall but hasn’t as of yet. Articles detailing Rick Rude and Andy Kaufman have come out in the past. I’ve also done one on the topic at hand, the Man They Call Vader.

Vader, without a shadow of a doubt, is a Hall of Famer in waiting. He was a multi-time world champion, both in USA and abroad, and all around one of the best, and most athletic big men in history of the business. Keep this in mind, at his height, Vader was well over 400 pounds. That is huge, only 100 pounds less than Andre the Giant, and yet you would never know that watching Big Van Vader wrestle.

His credentials aside, this article has another reason, another cause and another purpose. Vader must go in the WWE Hall of Fame now, do to his physical condition. Sadly, Vader is dying.


Vader is suffering from a horrible degenerative condition which will eventually lead to his death and there is very little he can do about that. (Except for DDP Yoga?- Can DDP Yoga save Vader’s life?



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