WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016: Jacqueline



Class of 2016

1st African American Women’s Champ; Attitude Era Diva


Hall of Fame Rating

4 out of 10


2016’s female induction is a multi-time women’s champion, a one time cruiserweight champion and a strong willed women. With all that being true, why does this induction just feel lackluster?


The female wing of the WWE Hall of Fame has always worked by different rules. That’s simply due to the WWE treating women’s wrestlers different. They aren’t even allowed to be called women.

Somehow an actual belt in WWE

Somehow an actual belt in WWE

Its easy to look at the history of women’s wrestling and see how they have been treated as second class citizens. Whether its the 5 years that everything from championships matches to blood feuds were decided by said women removing each other’s clothes or how the Women’s Championship just disappeared without notice twice in the last 30 years (see 1989 and 1995).

This basically means that it can be difficult finding an alive deserving women’s candidate each year for the Hall of Fame. Some deserving inductees are dead (Luna) or persona non gratis (Chyna)

This brings us to today’s induction. Jacqueline or Jackie Moore. You may remember her as the first female crusierweight champion or her time during WWF Attitude….or you may not remember her at all.

Jackie’s issue is that while she has accomplishments on paper, she is missing one core thing which seems to exist in successful Hall of Famers. It is the simple fact of being memorable. Jim Duggan had few accomplishments but is well remembered and beloved. Is Jackie even remembered?

Jackie appeared in WCW in 1997-1998, even having a feud with Disco Inferno. I was surprised to find out about this fact as in my mind, Jackie was never in WCW. She never really did anything memorable.

Neither did Disco Inferno

Neither did Disco Inferno

She appeared in WWF in 1998 and took on the role of Marc Mero’s girlfriend.



In that role, Jackie had her biggest feud of her career, defeating Sable for the recently renewed WWF Women’s Championship becoming the 1st African American Women’s Champ. This should have been a huge deal, expect it kinda wasn’t and is more a footnote of history that a pioneering moment.  She only held onto the belt for the length of that feud, losing to Sable 50 days later. Jackie’s title run was designed to get Sable over and allow Sable to chase. It really had little to do with Jackie herself.

Jackie had one more feud for the women’s championship in 2000, defeating Harvey Whipleman (yes you heard that correct) for the belt before losing it to Stephanie McMahon. Another Jackie situation where she played more of a support role than being the featured or memorable person/event.

The problem here is that Jackie, like many women wrestlers tend to blend into the scenery due to how they are booked and how generally there is only one, max two female feuds at one time. With Trish, Lita, Stephanie, Victoria, Molly Holly clogging feuds and storylines, Jackie tended to disappear.

Jackie spent most of her career either on the sidelines or in the background. She was in WWE from 1998-2004 and there are only three major moments that Jackie was involved in. Two are above and the third is her other 1st. She was the first female cruiserweight champion. She won during Chavo Guerrero’s open challenge and lost the title back in a few weeks in a match where Chavo had his arm tied behind his back. That’s not a great way for Jackie to go out.

Jackie was released in 2004, and ending up spending some time in TNA (we generally don’t mention TNA due to its well…general suckatude), before mostly retiring in her 40s.

So is that a Hall of Fame career? While on paper it appears that Jackie is an easy 2nd or 3rd ballot candidate, in reality, she is a so so induction. Jackie fits into the group of former wrestlers who if never included, no one would complain. Meh.

Why 2016?

Jackie lives in Dallas Texas. She is being inducted in Texas. Plus WWE has included a female inductee each year since 2010. Yup those are the two reasons….

giphy (2)

Opens Door For?

If Jackie gets in, I assume that Victoria and Molly Holly will follow shortly.

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

Jackie is not an exciting induction.

giphy (3)

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