Snoop Dog smokes into the WWE Hall of Fame and the Warrior Award is now the Cancer Award


What a terrible day for the WWE Hall of Fame. In a move I was hoping, despite the rumors otherwise, that they would skip, WWE announced both their “celebrity” inductee and Warrior Award recipient all in one day! This day will forever be known as a disappointing day.

Me too Kevin Sorbo

Me too Kevin Sorbo

WWE refuses to let go of any opportunity to get any type of mainstream attention. Therefore out celebrity inductee this year is…. SNOOP DOG…


Seen here doing something mostly illegal

WWE can as far as I am concerned, go FUCK itself with these celebrity inductions. They aren’t serious choices, who deserve serious discussion. Like Arnold before him, Snoop Dog has appeared a few times (including the dreaded celebrity guest host time period), and has appeared in back stage segments, and silly in ring promos. Yup. that’s it. Hall of Famer…..

I will break down Snoop Dog’s “legacy” in a full post later in the week.

WWE also announced another reason to hate the WWE Hall of Fame in the 2nd Annual Warrior Award. or as it will now be known as here on this blog, The WWE Cancer Award.

For those who have blocked out the Warrior/Cancer Award, last year WWE uncomfortably gave an award to the clearly upset father of a deceased child. That child was Connor the Crusher, who “showed courage” by combating cancer and eventually succumbing to it. This is all well and good, except that is not what Warrior himself wanted for the award. Warrior wanted an award known as the Jimmy Miranda Award, to be named after a concessions guy who worked at MSG in the 80s.

WWE ,never above taking a nice idea and changing it to make themselves look good, have for the 2nd year in a row, given the Warrior/Cancer Award to a cancer related person. First was a dead child (I had surmised last year that it would turn into the Dead Child Award going forward) and now is…. Joan Lunden????


She is being given the award, henceforth known as the WWE Cancer Award to the former Good Morning America host for having courage in the face of cancer. Just like Warrior wanted.

I am likely going to try and ignore the Cancer Award and not even do a full induction on this. The Cancer Award should be its own thing, perhaps presented at Summerslam each year, not included in the WWE Hall of Fame. It doesn’t belong, and will now be treated as such.

All and all a bad way to end the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016, the most up and down class in history. I wish I was looking forward more to the Hall of Fame this year.


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