WWE Hall of Fame 2015 Year in Review

The WWE Hall of Fame 2015 Year in Review: 


Today, on the last day of 2015, let’s look back and the highs and lows WWE Hall of Fame related in 2015. It’s like the Slammy’s except no one votes and its not super lame, it’s only kinda lame.

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Best 2015 Hall of Famer:


Macho Man Randy Savage

Who else would it have been? Kevin Nash? Larry Zbyszko?Th Nope. 2015 brough us the greatest affront in WWE Hall of Fame history to a close. Macho Man Randy Savage finally joined the Hall.

We can easily go through as to why Savage deserves his induction and should have been inducted earlier. Instead, here’s Macho being awesome!



Saddest Addition:


Randy Savage

Savage wins another! Hooray….


The biggest fuck up and fuck you to the fans in the WWE Hall of Fame history is that Macho Man Randy Savage did not make it into the Hall while he was alive. I talk about this in full length here.

Savage easily could have gone in as headliner between 2006-2010 (especially 2010, aka the headlinerless class) Damn shame…



2015 Retiree who will get in someday:


Hey did you know that Christian retired in 2015? No? Well, apparently he did. Christian’s long list of injuries caught up with him in 2015 and WWE announced during an appearence on WWE Raw that Christian was retired.

Christian wasn’t retired by his own choice, he was retired because of a lack of places to go. This is the world of wrestling today.  He didn’t decide on his own, WWE retired him. I can see Daniel  Bryan falling into this category sooner than later.


Well what is next for Captain Charisma?

Expect the WWE Hall of Fame. Within the next few years, Christian will join the Hall.


Missed Opportunity:


The 2015 class may have had 9 inductees, but it was missing one thing: The hometown boy. In the San Francisco area, no star was bigger than Ray Stevens.

Stevens was rumored heavily to be included in the 2015 class, and as being pushed by Pat Patterson.

Yet Stevens didn’t make the class (the large class of 9 even) WWE has been known to avoid doing more than one deceased wrestler at a time, as it makes it them look bad, (or something else ridiculous)

Stevens was very deserving and is likely going to have to wait many many years before getting inducted.


Biggest Waste of Time:


Unpopular opinion, Connor the Crusher doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. Now technically, Connor isn’t in the Hall of Fame. He won the Warrior Award, an award pitched by Ultimate Warrior during his 2014 Hall of Fame speech. He meant it to be the Jimmy Miranda Award for those who work in the back, and would never be recognized ( Miranda worked merchandise at MSG during Warrior’s day). Instead WWE did what they always do, and turned it into a way to make themselves look good.

That’s all well and good, and yes I do feel sad for this kid’s death and empathy for his family. But what we got was a 45 minute chunk during the Hall of Fame ceremony. Why was the the Hall of Fame Ceremony so long? It was a speech by Dana Warrior, Daniel Bryan and then Connor the Crusher’s family.

The final thing I will say on this is that where does this go from here? The Warrior Award has to always go to a deceased kid. Anything else would be going down in importance. I for one hope this disappears from future ceremonies.


Bad Choice


9 Inductees

Too many inductees. 2 undeserving inductees, one deceased child and Arnold Schwartzenegger. WWE has no one to blame for all the issues at the 2015 than themselves.


Remove them, we shall:

Jimmy Snuka and Hulk Hogan

In an unprescendeanted move, Jimmy Snuka and Hulk Hogan have been “removed” from the WWE Hall of Fame for actions taken in real life.

Now what does that mean? How is someone removed from a Hall of Fame? In WWE’s case, they simply removed them from the  webpage listing of inductees and removed any pictures/references of them.

The reasonings were different. Hulk Hogan said racist things eight years ago, which came into the public domain.

Snuka very likely killed his girlfriend in 1983. Everyone has known that for years. Well, with no statuate of limitations on murder, Snuka’s own accord of events in a book brought about new charges and a possible conviction.

Question lies- should they be removed? What do you think?



It was a sad year for wrestler deaths.

Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, Verne Gagne and Nick Bockwinkel. That’s too many. Too sad. No jokes.

See my article about them here


Did the Undertaker get in:


Nope. I was wrong. Undertaker in fact wrestled more this year than any year in the last few years.



The Triple H makes friends award 2015:


Since Triple H has taken over a large part of the booking of the Hall of Fame from John Laurinaitis (Aka the man who gave us Ko Ko B. Ware, Hall of Famer), we have seen a surge in deserving inductees we never thought would occur.

2013 gave us Bruno Sammartino, 2014 gave us Ultimate Warrior, 2015 gave us Randy Savage and Medusa, or in her WWE name Alundra Blayze.


Most fun on stage:


Despite my scathing statements regarding the Bushwhackers and how their induction was completely undeserving, they did bring something to the actual WWE Hall of Fame show this year: FUN.

After what seemed like an hour of Rikishi droning on, speaking slowly and pissing me off, the Bushwhackers took to the stage and were, funny. And that comic relief was so needed. Go on you guys for doing that thing you do well. Maybe I should change my rating…. Nope


Most forced fun on stage:


Rikishi doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame and this is forced and ridiculous. Boo on all of that.


Travesty 2015:

Arnold, never wrestled a match, Hall of Famer




Physical Hall of Fame yet?

And nonsensical

 C’mon yea right


2016 is here. Who will join the hallowed halls* in 2016?

My predictions

*Not physical

One thought on “WWE Hall of Fame 2015 Year in Review

  1. My 2016 predictions

    The Undertaker
    Owen Hart
    Jushin Thunder Liger
    Fabulous Freebirds
    Chyna (yes I said Chyna, I think this will be WWE kiss and make up this year)
    Celebrity (i could not care less)

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