Verne Gagne Passes Away

verne is reporting that former AWA owner and promoter Verne Gagne has passed away at the age of 89. Verne had been in an assisted living facility for over five years and suffered from dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease, which led to his death,

Verne Gagne is one of the most prolific promoters in history and one of the few old timers who tried to give Vince McMahon a run for his money in the 1980s.  The AWA continued all the way until 1991, when it shut its doors forever. He eventually joined the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006, with him graciously accepting the award, all the while saying ” I haven’t joined the Vince McMahon club”

Verne has been used many times in this blog as an example of a wrestler type which doesn’t exist anymore, with our reference to Uncle Verne. He really looks like your uncle doesn’t he. I, for one, will still celebrate our fun uncle…

Balding Uncle Superstar Verne Gane

Balding Uncle Superstar Verne Gagne

We will all miss the personality and the toughness of Verne Gagne. I will do a full breakdown on Verne in the next few weeks, in the meantime enjoy some of the man: Verne Gagne.

2 thoughts on “Verne Gagne Passes Away

  1. Sad news. Verne Gagne was truly one of the biggest figures in pro wrestling history as wrestler and promoter. R.I.P Verne.

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