Diesel AKA Kevin Nash Officially Announced as Last Member of Class of 2015

dieselRolling Stone and WWE.com are reporting that Kevin Nash has been announced as the final member of the Class of 2015.  It appears according to WWE.com that Nash will indeed go in as Kevin Nash, instead of the reporting “Diesel” moniker.

I for one am completely behind that idea as it showcases the highs and lows, both of which Nash is known for. This is a surprising moment, last years’ induction of Scott Hall as Razor Ramon, a character induction, seemed to signify that Nash would obviously go in as Diesel. Hooray for WWE’s choice here. http://www.wwe.com/superstars/kevinnash

On top of going in, Nash is supposed to headline the night, certain to end it on a happier moment than Lanny Poffo not filling his brother’s shoes.

Nash is one of the most contentious and polarizing figures in wrestling history. He is both one of the best influences on the business, helping set the basis for modern wrestling monetarily but also ruining the “heel” character by overemphasizing being “cool”.


We will go over Kevin Nash fully in a full post to come out later in the week. In the meantime, to showcase how all over the place Nash is, here is a great moment for Nash and a terrible moment back to back!


One thought on “Diesel AKA Kevin Nash Officially Announced as Last Member of Class of 2015

  1. I always disliked Nash. Lousy wrestler with very few good matches under his belt. Can’t deny his influence on the wrestling business, but I feel his influence has been much more negative than positive. This class of inductees continues to be the worst one in history. It’s too bad. It started off very promising with the long overdue induction of Randy Savage, one of the true greats in wrestling. Now, I won’t even bother to watch the ceremony.

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