WWE Hall of Fame 2015: Updated Rumors

WWE-Hall-of-Fame-logo-645x370Last night, Rikishi was added to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015. And I for one am completely disappointed. In a year which started with one of the biggest glaring omissions (Randy Savage) finally joining the Hall, the rest of the inductees so far have been lackluster at best.

Today, we got some new rumors of potential inductees to fill out the Class of 2015. Generally, the amount of inductees is between 6-7 total. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at some of the possibilities:


Larry Zybszko


Pwinsider is reporting that WWE will induct a second “Living Legend” in former AWA champion, Larry Zybsko (who also gets the award for the hardest name to spell in wrestling). Zybszko has recently been interviewed as part of WWE’s ongoing video series and has been regularly appearing backstage at NXT, both attending the events and offering advice.

Zybszko would be a solid inductee. For those not old enough, his feud with Bruno Sammartino in the early 1980s was one of the best of the era. Zybszko was a born heel. His voice, posture, and attitude make him inherently unlikable and he did have some success everywhere he went.


My favorite memories of Larry have to be his time as the last AWA champion (such a smarmy heel) and as a commentator for WCW. His first hour commentary with Tony Schiavone on WCW Nitro gave us such stupidly wonderful lines as “New World Oder”. Oh Larry…..

Chances of Induction 6 out of 10



The Crippler Ray Stevens


It has been reported all over the internet that The Crippler Ray Stevens will be joining the WWE Hall of Fame this year. In a previous post, it became clear that a majority of current fans have no actual idea who Ray Stevens (the wrestler) is and this could hurt its chances. (Check the poll in the linked post)

If the WWE goes with 7 inductees, a Ray Stevens induction could still happen. And as he was one of the biggest names to come out of the SF area, this induction needs to happen. Hopefully WWE puts some AWA on the WWE Network, so that those who don’t know Mr. Stevens can see just how great of heel worker he really was. (Youtube only has two videos of him)

Chances of induction 5 out of 10





With Mickie James appearing at a TNA event, the rumor mill has gone back to Victoria as this years “Diva” inductee. WWE has made a point, to a fault, of including a woman as part of every class. This lately has given us such un-noteworthy inductions as Sunny and Lita. Victoria seems primed to keep up the tradition and theoretically is as close to a lock as we have.

My general criticism aside, Victoria suffers from the same problem Rikishi does. She could go in at some point, but NOT NOW. There are many deserving female competitors and personalities who need to be in first. Each year they continue to pass over Ms. Elizabeth, Madusa/Alundra Blayze, Sable and Chyna. All four of those women had a much longer and lasting effect on the world of wrestling. Victoria? She was a lady who was with the organization for a while. I guess next up will be Stacey Kiebler or Torrie Wilson.

Chance of Induction: 8 out of 10


Magnum TA


Perennial rumored name, Magnum TA has been mentioned off and on in discussions about the 2015 class. Magnum, a former NWA United States Champion, was an amazing talent whose career got cut short due to an automobile accident. The NWA had high hopes for Magnum, likely shooting him to the moon in 1987 if his accident didn’t occur. The hope at the time was that Magnum could halt the storm that was the WWF and Hulk Hogan.

Sadly, life has a way of kicking your legs out from under you and Magnum’s accident ended his in ring career and generally speaking, the NWA’s hope of really competing with WWF.

He is one of the greatest cases of “What If” in wrestling history and should eventually be included in the Hall of Fame. Is this year his year? Doubtful.

Chances of induction: 2 out of 10


Ivan Koloff/Nikita Koloff


The Koloffs were a long running tag team during the 1980s made up of former WWWF Champion, Ivan Koloff and his “cousin” Nikita Koloff.

Ivan Koloff is also a perennial rumored name, having been rumored for both the 2013 and 2014 Class. He is both a former WWWF Champion (and generally speaking all world champions should be in the Hall of Fame) and the man who unseated Bruno Sammartino from his 1963-1971 title reign. Koloff belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Nikita had the majority of his success in the NWA and WCW. He teamed with Ivan and Krusher Krustev (Smash from Demolition) and had great feuds with Sting, Lex Luger, the Steiners and many other great talents.

If they aren’t going to put Ivan in by himself, the tag team will give us two good hands, one who is long overdue. Unfortunately, it is also unlikely to happen this year….

Chances of induction 3 out of 10


Kevin Nash


Former WWF and WCW Champion, Kevin Nash will eventually be in the WWE Hall of Fame. He is an easy choice and will go in whenever they ask and he agrees.

He is also under a legends contract and appears on RAW once or twice a year. This seems to point that 2015 will be Nash’s year. The question is does Nash want it? He has said on many occasions that he does not want to go into the Hall of Fame. Now Nash is also known as someone who likes to play with the fans online and regularly lies in tweets and social media.

Nash was also one of the first to be rumored for this year. And with Scott Hall going in last year, this one is pretty likely.

Chances of induction 7 out of 10


What do you think? Who else will make up the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015?

2 thoughts on “WWE Hall of Fame 2015: Updated Rumors

  1. I was wondering if there was going to be any comment/article on the Chyna situation that Steve Austin brought up on his interview with Triple H.

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