WWE Hall of Fame 2015: Latest Rumors

The countdown is on! Within the next few weeks, the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015 is going to start being announced. 2014 gave us another strong class including the long overdue Ultimate Warrior (RIP!) and Jake the Snake Roberts. The expectation  is that WWE will deliver another stellar class, however some of the rumored names have been less than stellar. Even with many deserving rumored names ( Sting, The Rock, Macho Man Randy Savage, Kevin Nash,) there is talk of many undeserving head scratchers ( Rikishi, Victoria and Mickie James.) You can see my breakdown of these potential inductees here.  Things look to shake up with our latest batch of rumors….



The Undertaker will headline the 2015 Class if…

After the streak ended in April at Wrestlemania 30, I wrote a prediction that Undertaker would headline the 2015 Class. Since then, his name has not been mentioned as a possible candidate….until now.

The Undertaker is supposedly considering whether he wants to wrestle at Wrestlemania 31 in California. New rumors suggest that if he doesn’t wrestle, Taker set to be the headliner for the 2015 Class. If he does wrestle, he likely will be the headliner of the Class of 2016, held in his home state of Texas.

The Undertaker has had a storied career and will likely go down as the greatest gimmick character in the history of the WWE. Yet as each year progresses, Taker has looked more and more his age especially in the ring.. He is only 49 years old, but he is an old 49.


49 Years young….

In his last outing, the Undertaker’s streak ended in a disappointly mediocre match with Brock Lesnar. It was painfully obvious to see that Taker is no longer capable of bringing he highest degree of performace. The performance is what Taker has become known for. He had the best match on the card for many years at  Wrestlemania (23-28 mostly).

If Taker were to continue, his quality would certainly suffer, but he wouldn’t be out of character for wrestlers to do. The list of wrestlers who continued past 50 is long and includes a who’s who of legends and superstars. Hulk Hogan was 50 in 2003 during his return with the WWE; Ric Flair was 50 in the year 1999, when WCW still existed.  (and continued until almost 60). Taker could continue as long as he wants, IF he wants to. No one would deny that Hogan was lacking something in his returns in 2005 and 2006 and that Flair became a shell of himself by 2008. (chops mostly).

That is the question that Taker must answer, is it more important to continue or to retire. I expect him to retire and be our 2015 Headliner. What do you think?


Sting and Randy Savage: Not Likely?


See Above. IF Taker goes in as the headliner in 2015, the likelihood is that Sting will not. And quite frankly, that’s perfectly fine. Sting, although a well known commodity for the long term wrestling fan (IE you here reading a blog on the Hall of Fame), he is still an unknown to many younger modern fans.

Plus, the active performer thing in Hall of Fame is strange. It worked once (with Ric Flair) because he “retired” the next night…At least he did from the WWE…..


As far as Randy Savage, rumor is that his family has not yet been contacted about induction. If this is true, it is not only frustrating, it is bullshit. Randy Savage NEEDS TO GO INTO THE HALL OF FAME!!!! Yesterday!!!!!!!!

During his recent podcast interview with Steve Austin, Vince McMahon was asked point blank as to whether or not Savage would join the Hall of Fame. Vince replied in the affirmative, but added the caveat that it may not happen in 2015. I recently put up an article prediciting his inclusion in 2015, (seen here). C’mon WWE don’t prove me wrong!

If you haven’t seen the interview, I recommend getting the WWE Network (only 9.99!!!) or listening to the ever wonderful Solomonster explain just how nuts Vince McMahon really is!


Ray The Crippler Stevens


In a move which is both suprising and extremely welcome, Ray Stevens has been rumored for the 2015 class. In previous years, it was common to include a local wrestler who made an impact to the physical location of Wrestlemania. 2013 in NY gave us Bob Backlund, and Bruno. 2008 gave us Gordon Solie and Eddie Graham due to the Florida connection. While this habit has mostly faded (2014- Carlos Colon instead of Danny Hodge?!), it is always something to consider. In the case of the Bay Area, many names come up who are already enshrined (Pat Patterson., Peter Maivia and even Hulk Hogan)  The San Francisco area’s greatest star (not already included in the Hall of Fame) is Ray The Crippler Stevens. He had a great 10-12 year career in the Bay Area, followed by great runs in tag teams in the AWA (with Hall of Famer Nick Bockwinkel) and Pat Patterson. Take a look at Ray Stevens in action in the WWWF

I for one hope that Stevens is included, but this opens up the question- is he the deceased wrestler for the year? (Generally only one included each year)

What do you think? Who will be included in the WWE Hall of Fame 2015 Class?

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