WWE Hall of Fame 2015 Prediction: Macho Man Randy Savage Will Finally Go In



According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE’s new DVD on Randy Savage may be the first and greatest step towards Macho Man’s long due induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

As everyone reading this blog likely knows, Savage has been on the outs with the WWE since his departure in 1994. Although his actual goodbye was graceful and well done….

However, Randy was soon persona non gratis in the WWE Universe. Rumors of a sexual relationship with Stephanie McMahon began and persisted until his death in 2011. Whether these rumors were true, or in likelihood, Savage was victim to his inability to mend fences with McMahon, Randy Savage has been left out of the WWE Hall of Fame, truly the greatest remaining slight (especially after Bruno went in during 2013)

Following his passing in 2011, it has taken WWE a long time to warm to the idea of inducting him into the Hall of Fame. Once they did (2013-2014), Lanny Poffo balked and claimed that Savage wanted the entire Poffo family to go in as a group in reparation for McMahon refusing to book Angelo Poffo in an old-timer battle royal during Savage’s run with the company, which Savage saw as a slight.

This all changed this year with the release of  a full-length documentary on Savage, something the original “Best of Macho Man Randy Savage’ lacked. This act alone alludes to a potential Hall of fame induction. WWE has commonly used the DVD doc as part of a package which includes Hall of Fame Induction. Verne Gange, Curt Hennig, and the Ultimate Warrior are three examples of this trend.

The documentary has interviews with both Lanny and Judy Poffo, which could be seen as a sign that relations between the Poffo family and WWE have thawed. This DVD will lead to more cooperation and is perfect timing for Savage to either headline or possibly be the number two spot (due to his post humous induction) with Sting as a headliner.

It will be a shame to have Savage’s induction come 4 years too late. Many times since his death, I have looked at the Classes of 2010 (headliner-less class with Ted Dibiase at the lead) and 2011 (Shawn Michaels going in too soon) and wished that Savage got his chance to make a speech. One only needs to look at the tragic tale of the Ultimate Warrior to see how important that speech really is. In its stead, take a look at what we missed with Randy Savage by seeing one of his Mattel Action Figure Promos in 2011.


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