WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014: Lita



Class of 2014

Hot Chick


Hall of Fame Rating

5 out of 10


Out of all the 2014 inductees, Lita is the one I don’t understand. Her tenure with the WWE was memorable but she is thought of by many as the 2nd most important female wrestlers of the 2000s. Yet, when I think of Lita, all I can think of is:



Lita,  is at best a passable wrestler, who was in some story lines and had a fan base, mostly due to her “hot chick” character. She is no better than most of the females who will never get in the Hall of Fame. Compare her career, work rate or skill set to that of Victoria, Ivory, Mickie James, Jacqueline, Luna Vachon, Molly Holly or Beth Phoenix and Lita…just doesn’t match up. Still, many are unconvinced.


So why? Lita’s major positive is her sexuality. Her character was simply a hot chick, which in the landscape of 2000s WWE, was different. Many of the models of the time, who played wrestlers on TV, were either completely cookie cutter (Blonde). Lita also benefited greatly from her pairings…..


Not this one….

And WWE’s booking. Lita is an example of a person whom the machine got behind and did a very good job of selling what Lita was offering. She had spunk, sexiness (in a girl you bang undr the bleachers kind of way) and a voice that only a smoker would love.

Lita’s greatest moments happened not in the ring but as a valet, a role she played more than wrestler. She was the valet to Team Extreme for many years and did have success because of the Hardys as well as add sex appeal to their overall package. A major reason was because she was willing to do their moves, plus the one she became noteworthy  She was the first female to do  moonsaults on WWE programming, which when hit are always impressive and when they are not….

Ouches All Around

Ouches All Around

Lita’s greatest moments happened during her tenure with the Rated R Superstar and she did help bring Edge to the next level.  But again, it had more to do with her sex appeal and willingness to do…well anything.

The main reason why Lita stands out amoung her peers is that she had one thing you actually need to be successful. She had storylines. Lita was a functioning member of Team Extreme and participated in their feud with the Undertaker. In fact, she wouldn’t stop interfering in many of the Hardy’s matches. That meant that she took all the Hardy’s feuds just as personally. That’s great right writing and Lita benefited from it on a regular basis. She was fun, but no where near as big of a deal as she is made out to be.

Oh, BTW, That’s right…Lita feuded with both the Undertaker and Kane….

Lita simply could not be a top 10 female wrestler in history (Currently6 Females Inducted, and one of them is Sunny) Her tenure simply wasn’t long enough. Lita spent a lot of time injured and alot of time off television And  injuries matter because all and all Lita was with WWE from 1999-2006, that is seven years. That’s it. She was injured for a year a half. She was a non wrestler for at least 2 years of that time, which means for a woman to get into the Hall of Fame, it only take 3 ½ years of being featured in storylines. Somehow, this doesn’t feel worth it.

There is no denying that Lita was fun. But the Hall of Fame has started to get serious again, and Lita simply doesn’t make the cut of the rest of the class this year. Her induction is another example of WWE following a formula….



Why 2014?

 In the World of WWE, Lita is in the top 10 female wrestlers of all time. Following Trish Status last year, they continued with their tradition of skipping of the 90s and moving straight to the 2000s when it comes to female inductees. With her inclusion, perhaps now Ivory, Chyna, Sable, Luna, Madusa or other deserving 90s stars will get the chance to go in.

Opens Door For?

Literally any other female character…. We will get one each year after all

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.


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