WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014: Carlos Colon


Carlos Colon

Class of 2014

Father of Puerto Rican Wrestling; 26 Time WWC Champion


Hall of Fame Rating

7 out of 10

Historically Significant

Carlos Colon is referred to the Father of Puerto Rican Wrestling in some circles. In a way, he fits that title. His organization, the World Wrestling Council, was and in some cases still is, the biggest home grown wrestling company in the Island of Puerto Rico. Unlike most of his contemporaries, his company still does perform shows, and although his involvement is limited, WWC remains his biggest lasting legacy.

That's not Cool!

That’s not Cool!

Oh, yes and Carlito.

Colon followed the path of contemporaries like Stu Hart, Verne Gagne and Fritz Von Erich in whom he booked in his territory. If a promoter could physically do it, his first choice as top babyface was himself. No one better to trust as talent. You will never leave you high and dry, unless you are crazy….Oops said the magic word….



Anyway, Colon holds two impressive records/accolades in wrestling down in Puerto Rico. His is 26 time Universal WWC champion. That is more times than any other booker-champion. Unlike his counterparts, Colon not only liked to win, he liked to lose. His first reign was in 1982 and last in 1999, which means he held the championship at least 1.5 times every year during those 17 years. That’s quite a feat, but not as impressive as the next accolade. Colon is the first Puerto Rican NWA Champion. Unfortunately, for him, the NWA to this day still does not recognize his victory over Ric Flair in a unification match.

Matches against Flair aside, Carlos Colon was never known as a wrestler’s wrestler. He was no technician. Colon’s battles with competitors were generally of a personal nature; a severe hatred brewed over a period of time. Its probably why Colon lost the title so much. Its hard to have hatred for someone who is being a competitor and gunning for your championship.

Abdullah the Butcher is often referenced as Colon’s greatest opponent. Their battles were bloody brawls. Abdullah was never known as a worker of anything, so there were lots of punches and kicks and weapons, think hardcore but not really as interesting…

Got to love “Vengeance Matches”, as the above is called.

In the US, Carlos Colon was never as big as a wrestler. He was solid mid-card NWA face. He won some matches and lost some matches. Here in the states, Pedro Morales was much larger and well known. Morales is, after all, a former WWF Heavyweight Champion and the first Triple Crown Winner. Not bad for a man who looks like your uncle…

That's not Cool!

That’s not Cool!

In WWC, another common territory troupe occurred as well. The son of the well known champion and promoter became champion as well. Stu Hart, The Funks and Fritz Von Erich followed this path to much success. And Carly Colon joined his father as WWC Universal Champ for the first time in 2000 and the last in 2011 (not counting the 4 years he was with WWE) That’s 13 times in 7 years, 1.5 times as well. Well if it works…why fix it….

On top of Carly (Carlito), Primo Colon also has held the title and currently is more successful that his older brother as a proud member of the WWE Roster.


Proud Members

That's not Cool!

That’s not Cool!

Carlos Colon has his legacy intact…except for one thing. For fans of wrestling before the 1990s, there are some beloved territory figures who never really existed in the WWE world. Abdullah the Butcher is one and Bruiser Brody is another. Brody is a future Hall of Famer himself and suffers from the “deceased problem” which has held up his induction. Yet unlike many of his contemporary deceased people, his death is not drugs or abuse related.

Bruiser Brody was murdered. In a WWC locker room. BY a wrestler. Under Carlos Colon’s watch.

In a article about Bruiser Brody, I will go into this further, but the basics are that a fights broke out between Brody and Invader #1  in the showers which resulted in Brody being stabbed, and  was left to bleed out in the locker room while Tony Atlas frantically tried to get medical help. The man was bleeding in the shower, dying on the tile and no one in the locker room (save Atlas) did anything to assist. Partial blame has to fall on the shoulders of the man in charge. That man was Carlos Colon.

On top of all of that, Colon continued to book Invader #1 until his retirement. Invader, whose real name is Jose Gonzalez, was charged with murder and found innocent…mostly due to the corrupt nature of  the Puerto Rican legal system as the time and Colon’s power to push it under the rug.

That's not Cool!

That’s not Cool!

 I agree Carlito. I agree.

On a side note, Colon is our second inductee into the Crazy Scars Wing where he joins Abdullah the Butcher in the wing where we ask the simple question, “Why did you do that to your forehead!!!”

Welcome! Forks are sharp and plentiful!

Welcome! Forks are sharp and plentiful!

Why 2014?

Two words. Video Library. Carlos Colon owns one of the largest untapped libraries still not owned by WWE. They have been on a mission to own all of wrestling. Started in early/mid 2000s and a renewed push due to the WWE Network. Colon is selling and he gets the Hall of Fame nod he’s been wanting. Its a fair trade.

And this isn’t the first time that a Hall of Fame induction has been part of a sale or DVD release. Many Hall of Fame inductions have terms attached to them (Gagne sold library and wanted son hired) or themselves are icing on the cake, as Colon’s appears to be here. He wanted the induction (and was rumored to be upset when it didn’t come last year in NYC)

Opens Door For?

Other international lesser known stars, perhaps from Japan or Mexico. El Santo or Great Muta. Also anyone who owns a wrestling library. Definitely those.

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

The Brody Thing is the only negative mark against Colon. He is supposed to be a very nice man, with very poor judgement.


2 thoughts on “WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014: Carlos Colon

  1. I do wonder if this closes the door on Bruiser Brody ever being inducted. His family might have a thing or two to say about Colon going in. It’s one reason why I’d advise WWE not to induct Lex Luger before Miss Elizabeth. And she can’t go in before Savage. Fortunately Lanny recently just opened the door for Savage to be inducted next year by saying that all WWE needs to do now is pay their respects to his mother.

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