Carlos Colon to Join WWE Hall of Fame


Carlos Colon, father of Carlito and Primo and uncle of Epico has been semi-announced for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014 according to Colon himself and a report from Smackdown tapings tonight, March 11th.

Colon’s inclusion comes as a great suprise in that he has not been rumored nor mentioned in any previous rumored names nor has any real ties to the Mid South/New Orleans area.

Still, his inclusion is one which has been expected for many years both due to his time as the face of Puerto Rican wrestling and promoter abilities. I will put out a full post sometime this week.

Take a look at Carlos Colon doing his stuff!

One thought on “Carlos Colon to Join WWE Hall of Fame

  1. I agree this is a surprise, especially since Carlito left on kind of bad terms. Carlos is an interesting debate – he was not much of a star beyond Puerto Rico, but on the island he is probably the only true legend and drew big crowds at times. I guess if S.D. Jones and Baron Mikel Scicluna are in the Hall of Fame, Carlos should be in it, too.

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