Paul Bearer Confirmed for WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014


Paul Bearer’s induction is one which has been rumored since his death prior to Wrestlemania 29 last year. His announcement is no surprise and while his inclusion is both necessary and welcome, he sadly suffers from the post humanous sadness that exists for all dead performers, especially recently deceased performers.

We all want Bearer in the Hall but that fact he won’t be there to accept his award, is a bummer. He won’t say “OHHHH YESSSS!!!”

He won’t tell his stories about being Percy Pringle in WCCW, or what is was like to turn on the Undertaker. Like Eddie Guerrero in 2006 and Mr. Perfect in 2007, the induction will probably seem sad.

The one exciting factor is that the Undertaker is likely to appear for the first time at a WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony. Undertaker, since the end of Biker Taker, has existed in a kayfabe all his own. He doesn’t do media, he doesn’t talk out of character. His is the Undertaker. Taker’s heartfelt speech for his former longtime manager should be a highlight on a Class already filled with highlights.

I am going to release a full Paul Bearer post later in the week. In the meantime enjoy Paul Bearer’s Funeral Parlor, the most ridiculous of the early 1990s talk shows…

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