WWE Hall of Fame 2014: Rumored Match Induction


The latest WWE Hall of Fame Rumor is a doozy. Rajah and many other wrestling sites are reporting that WWE plans on inducting a match into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014. And not just any match- The Wrestlemania 1 Main Event, Hogan/Mr. T vs. Piper/Orndorff.

WWE is, of course, in the business of making money, and this idea has dollar signs all over it. WWE wants to have Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper and Mr. T involved in the Hall of Fame ceremony because it will sell tickets, which it will. Hulk Hogan hasn’t appeared since 2007 on WWE programming. Mr. T hasn’t appeared since the 80s. The dollars are already floating in! Hooray!


If on April 5th this match is inducted into the Hall of Fame, it opens a Pandora’s box. First and foremost, its sets a precedent. Each year, the WWE will induct a match. Hogan/Andre, Savage/Steamboat, Michaels/Hart, Hart/Austin and many more will join the Hall of Fame in the “Match Wing”. These obvious choices would lead to multiple rings for everyone. Hogan would have 5 rings., Michaels: 20 rings and Ric Flair for all his amazing work, would have an astounding 90 rings.

Or is it the match itself which gets the Hall of Fame ring? If Mr. T is inducted as part of a match, is he a Hall of Famer or is the match a Hall of Famer. It makes no sense, which is something the WWE excels at.

I like that.

I like that.

If history has taught us anything (or the celebrity wing has taught us anything) the Match Wing will be opened in 2014.  How do you feel? Is it a good idea to induct matches in the Hall of Fame going forward? What matches would you like to see inducted?

Take a look at the match below. Start video at 1hour 45 minutes.

One thought on “WWE Hall of Fame 2014: Rumored Match Induction

  1. The good news is that this was something that PWInsider talked about a few weeks ago that the smaller sites are only now circulating. So things change. Also if Hogan inducts Warrior, I think this idea goes out the window. Last year there were reports that WWE was considering inducting Madison Square Garden….in Madison Square Garden. Thankfully that did not happen.

    I don’t mind WWE highlighting matches once their physical HoF materializes, but it better not take up a spot at the induction ceremony. Nobody wants to have several years of match inductions only to read that Rick Martel has passed away from cancer or something before being inducted. I think it was bad enough that last years class was so small WITH a celebrity.

    That all said, I hope they do get Mr T.

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