Never Going in the WWE Hall of Fame: Ahmed Johnson


Ahmed Johnson

Pearl River Powerhouse; Has a Mouth Full of Marbles



Ahmed Johnson is the 1996 example of a green wrestler who was pushed too fast by Vince McMahon. He was big, and full of muscles…and pushed to the moon.


Ahmed likes that.

Ahmed was not the first man pushed too quickly and he wasn’t the last. Wrestlers from Brakus in 1999 to Ryback today have all suffered from being given too much attention and too much responsibility for being…something they are not.

This is not to say that Ahmed could have had potential. There were positives in him. His look was strong and the fans seemed to support him in 1996. Within only a few months of his debut, Johnson won the IC title.

Ahmed Likes That.

Ahmed Likes That.

In 96, the IC belt was still held in high regard and Ahmed was  put in a key position, for a short period of time.  This is due to firstly, 1996 was a  transitional year. . WWE was languishing under the competition from WCW, backlash from the early 90s steroid trials and disinterest in the goofy product. Ahmed, due to his potential(ie big big muscle man) could have been successful IF he was given time to grow. He could have been the first African American WWE Champion.

Without the time to grow, Ahmed could never have been successful with what he was bringing to the table. Not only was he green. He was also dangerous, both to others and himself.


Ahmed Injures Everyone

Johnson’s only IC title reign ended in injury. The injury took Johnson off the table when it came to dependability. Vince & notorious for punishing and de-pushing superstars who get injured (Dolph Ziggler today)….Unless you name is Shawn Michaels…then its fine.


Ahmed is injured.


What?! Unacceptable. Punish him when he returns

What?! Unacceptable. Punish him when he returns


You got it.

You got it.

Wait... Shawn is injured too!

Wait… Shawn is injured too!


President...hmmmm...a celebrity....YES!

OH NO! Is he okay!


He got beat up in a bar


It hurt.

Wait... Shawn is injured too!

Oh NO! Poor Baby!


Give him as much time off as needed.

I also lost my smile...

I also lost my smile…

Wait... Shawn is injured too!

Poor Baby!


Wait...This is not Cool!

Wait…This is not Cool!

Shawn Michaels hate aside, there is a difference between “Oh Protected One” and Ahmed Johnson. Johnson lacked some basic skills necessary to be a great superstar. Those skills missing include promo cutting, wrestling ability and safety.

What's That?

How could someone be a wrestler without those basic skills?


Good question. Ahmed was dangerous. He hurt people. Repeatedly. And himself as well. Once you build a reputation for injuring your fellow wrestlers, your time in one of the main organizations is limited. Mr. Kennedy injured himself and others- Gone. D’Lo Brown injured Droz, depushed and gone. And Ahmed did this as well.

Ahmed Likes That.

Ahmed Likes That.

Wait...This is not Cool!

Wait…This is not Cool!

Yet Ahmed’s lack of success is due more to what he didn’t have more than what he did. Vader injured many wrestlers (including Foley’s infamous ear loss) yet he is not considered in the same boat. Why? Easy, Vader was stiff, not dangerous. Vader had the skill and knowledge to put on a great match in Japan, where it is impossible to be a sloppy wrestler.

Johnson was a worse version of the Ultimate Warrior. He wrestled that very obvious “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING” way.



And yet, Warrior could talk. His promos while ridiculous were mesmerizing. Ahmed was even missing this puzzle; he couldn’t talk. His mouth; full of marbles.

It would great if the video above was an exception. Take a look at the youtube channel attached to this video. Fun with Ahmed is basically a series of Ahmed’s worst promos.

Ahmed’s time can be summarized easily by looking at his 1997. He feuded with Faarooq, joined Faarooq, and then feuded with him again…all to no conclusion. Ahmed was in the 98 Royal Rumble and then disappeared from the WWF during the beginning of the Attitude Era.

Shortly after Ahmed appeared in WCW, where he somehow repeated the exact same process. (I know WCW wasn’t good with ideas…but this is crazy)

Ahmed was named Big T, he feuded with Stevie Ray…



Then joined him.

Then joined him.

And then disappeared. With his WCW departure, it was the end of Ahmed Johnson’s career.

Today, Ahmed Johnson can be found impersonating Viscera/Big Daddy V at local conventions.

Ahmed Likes That.

Ahmed Likes That.

Only Way it Happens

WWE is known for trying to keep their Hall of Fame classes diverse. This has led to the inductions of Koko B. Ware and Tony Atlas. If WWE never employs anyone ethnic and they induct all the other African American stars, Ahmed has a chance…. in 2056.

Is WWE Stupid enough to actually do it?

No. He was barely a blip on the radar of wrestling. Ahmed…. who?

Chances of induction

2 out of 10

14 thoughts on “Never Going in the WWE Hall of Fame: Ahmed Johnson

  1. Agreed. Aside from Ahmed just not having a career that justifies induction, WWE probably only has about 10 to 15 Hall of Fame ceremonies left in the bucket because of the shrinking pool of headliners. So really they’ll only need about 10 to 15 more minorities to meet the diversity quota. That can be accomplished with The Rock, Mark Henry, Rikishi, Rey Mysterio, The Great Muta, Alberto Del Rio, Kamala, Bull Nakano, Carlos Colon, Tiger Mask I, Sabu, Dave Batista, Slick, D-Von Dudley, Jushin Liger, Teddy Long, Butch Reed, Tatsumi Fujinami, Mr T, Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali, Lawrence Taylor (maybe) and sadly the Great Khali just to name a few living possibilities.

  2. Hmm so the name Ahmed Johnson was Vince McMahon’s coinage. Funny name and funny storyline. Who was the Heavyweight Champion was Ahmed Johnson won the Intercontinental Championship?

  3. Honestly i dont care what anybody says,ahmad johnson should of been in the hall of fame
    ,the only thing that was getting in his way was all of the drama and injury prones,but he was to still wrestle, then year someway somehow he would of been the first Afro American to win the wwe title between the new generation and the attitude era.

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  5. You are Racist, with Your None Spelling Ass. How did you become a Writer. You need to Proofread Before You Submit Your Article Bitch. Besides That, Amhed Paved The Way For Stone Cold To Be A Bad Ass, and Make Wrestling The Global Sport The it Is Today. So yes, he deserves his proper, Respect. And they would have never let him win the WWF Championship Belt, The World Wasn’t Ready For That. They Needed The Rock To Come First and Make it 50/50. Then Booker T could make the Belt an Equal Opportunity. Eventhough Ron Simmons / Faarooq won the Won the WCW Heavy Weight Championship before them all.

  6. Just another lame not-so-smart-mark written article. Ahmed was good but got screwed by WWE backstage politics just like many other talented wrestlers before him be it Shane Douglas, Sean O’Haire, Shelton Benjamin, Lex Luger, etc the list could go on forever. No racism required. If you don’t know how to play backstage politics on the sociopathic level of a Terry Bollea or a Paul Levesque you’re not likely to have a career for long in the WWE.

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