WWE Hall of Fame 2014: Possible Headliners and Breakdown

Wrestlemania 29 is over. and Thank God. The event itself was super disappointing and redundant. Luckily this blog is only about the Hall of Fame.


And Dancing

Despite Wrestlemania’s ineptitude and predictability, the 2013 Class was one of the most surprising and deserving classes in history. Only 2004 and 2005 are strong in comparison (and 2004 DID include Pete Rose and Don Muraco). 2013 is rare in its sheer lack of suck. Every year has one inductee that gets either a shrug (2011’s Bob Armstrong) or the ire of fans everywhere (2009’s KoKo B Ware).

2013 has none of this. In fact its format works. WWE has jumped around from somewhere between 6 and 12 inductees and seems to have settled on six (2012 and 2013). Its the perfect number (would be even better without celebrity “honoree”). But how does the WWE top the class of Sammartino, Backlund, Foley, Stratus, Booker and Trump? And should they even try?

So with a look at history, an eye on the location and a little magic, lets look at some of the headliners  for the 2014 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame.


Its a great button


Every Class since 2005 has been defined by its headliner. The night feels more special when Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart or Steve Austin highlight the night. Other classes have either suffered from weaker headliners (2007’s Dusty Rhodes or 2012’s Edge) or in one case (2010’s Ted Dibiase) no headliner at all. But can they find another Bruno Sammartino and who’s left/available?



Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Roaddog, Billy Gunn, Xpac and Chyna (?)

There is no denying the fact that Dengeration X is one of the best factions in WWE’s history. Before 1996, factions were not a common occurance in the WWE. Wrestling families or groups based on a manage dominated the old WWWF and WWF. DX came along as the answer to the NWO and when they premired in 1997, Michaels, HHH and Chyna began to change the makeup of the WWF and helped usher in the Attitude Era.

No one can deny their importance, yet the idea of having a faction as headliner seems lazy. It was rumored that if Bruno had said no, that DX would have headlined the 2013 class. I have one big problem with that, which is simply Triple H is not retired. Ric Flair aside (he “retired” the next night), no active superstar should be inducted into the Hall. Plus, Triple H deserves an individual induction before he goes in with Degeneration X (similar again to Ric Flair)

Yet, the rumor of today is that DX may headline the Hall of Fame Class of 2014. Both Chyna (?!) and general rumors have suggested that DX will go in very soon. If this does occur, Chyna must be included. Strangely, the group will most likely be inducted as a version of the group which never existed (Michaels never was teammates with New Age Outlaws) and it will be another WWE rewrite for the Hall (Horsemen without Ole Anderson)

This would be an easy way to have a headliner without going with any of the “harder” to get potential inductees that were skipped for one reason or another such as

Macho Man Randy Savage


Randy Savage is dead. And that’s a awful shame.Savage has always been one of my favorite wrestlers and entertainers in history.  And everyone agrees that his speech would have been astoundingly good. Sadly, with his death we will never get to say “Thank You Macho” while he basks in the adulation from stage.

Still, he obviously deserves the induction. There are two issues for this induction. First is Lanny Poffo. The Genius, as no one remembers him fondly, claims that Savage “said he wanted to be inducted as the Poffo family”. Now, I do beleive that Savage could have said that (he did successfully petition for Angelo Poffo’s induction to the WCW Hall of Fame), yet it is doubtful that if offered, Savage would have turned it down because of that. Similar to Bruno, Savage would have answered for the right price.

But now there is a second problem, Randy Savage is dead. WWE is never going to have Randy Savage headline a class. He can’t. He won’t actually be there. In the past deceased wrestlers (Eddie Guerrero and Curt Hennig) have been secondary or co-headliners. This would be a possibility.

Hopefully with the success of 2013’s class and Triple H’s involvement, he approaches and convinces the Poffo family with money, DVDs ,appearances and the like to allow for the Randy Savage induction. I hope this gets done for all of us.

Other possible headliners?

Ultimate Warrior


Never say never. Bruno Sammartino, Randy Savage, Owen Hart and The Ultimate Warrior. These are the men who “will never get into the Hall” Bruno is in. The Warrior is possible.

Things against his induction include his dubious relationship with Triple H, for this

Warrior has also been recorded saying that he “would love” to go into the Hall, as long as Vince McMahon asks him personally. Warrior, also  has no connection to New Orleans or Mid-South, yet most of the time that doesn’t matter.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to see what Warrior has to say. In 2013, Bob Backlund was bat-shit insane during his speech. Perhaps WWE doesn’t mind and will continue the pattern.

Recent retiree

No one expected Edge to headline 2012 or Eddie Guerrero to die and be inducted in 2006. Anything can happen in the WWE. If the Rock decides he is done, 2014 could be his year. Same goes for Triple H, Undertaker, Randy Orton, John Cena or any other main eventer who could get hurt or retire.

This aside, someone like Batista may be possibility, especially if he doesn’t plan on coming back.

If you have any ideas on headliners, leave a message and vote on the poll below!

5 thoughts on “WWE Hall of Fame 2014: Possible Headliners and Breakdown

    • Paul Bearer rumors is going around everywhere. JBL have not seen any reports on that. Still until announced on WWE television, everything is a rumor. I am ye of little faith in dirt sheets.

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