WWE Hall of Fame 2013 Preview: Thoughts, Reactions and More

WWE Hall of Fame 2013 Preview


Today is the day! The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013 will inducted into the invisible (but hopefully not for long) Halls.

2013 is the 10th concurrent class since its return in 2004, as one of the strongest classes to date. On top of all the awesomeness, WWE introducted a new logo (above) and a new theme song.

While modern and catchy, this theme still doesn’t have the grandeur and regality of the original theme (2004-2012).

One can say I’m a little bit of a stickler for those type of bells of whistles.


Music aside, I am looking forward to this class and the show tomorrow. That’s right, I am going to be there live tomorrow at MSG and will have a full review of the show once it is finished. Huzzah!

Onto the inductees!


Bruno Sammartino

Inducted by Arnold Schwarzenegger


In what will be the highlight of this class, Bruno Sammartino once again publicly appears on the WWE stage. It has been written ad nauseum since his announcement in January about the unlikelyness of this induction and its spectacular wonderfulness. No one can disagree.

The real question is what is Bruno going to say? Its obvious from all the previous interviews that Sammartino plans on being gracious. He has called the induction “an honor” and truely and honestly gets along with Triple H.

Too bad the interaction between Bruno and Vince is going to happen back stage. Now that would be amazing television.

Mick Foley

Inducted by Terry Funk


Mick Foley has always been one of those givens for induction. Its been assumed it would happen and his was the first name rumored and confirmed for the MSG class. Foley’s personal tale of watching Superfly Snuka bound off the top of a cage onto Don Muraco is the stuff of legend. Foley has always been his greatest storyteller (please read his books)

I expect a story heavy induction speech. The six inductee class allows for more time for men like Foley to really give it his all. Expecting a 15-20 minute speech at least. Funk as inductor will do a suitable job and probably be able to showcase the gravity of what Mick has brought the best.

For Mick’s speech alone, be sure to pick up the Wrestlemania 29 DVD.

Bob Backlund

Inducted by Maria Menounos


In the strangest Hall of Fame inductor/inductee package, Bob Backlund will be inducted by Maria Menounos, star of Extra and defeator of Beth Phoenix at Wrestlemania 28. (Remember the principle, all celebrities win always at Wrestlemania)

Menounos apparently idolizes Backlund (?), considers him her hero from childhood (?) and did movies with him (?!?@?)

This aside Backlund will give a servicable speech, hitting on morality, his long and dedicated care and probably something super wacky like walks on lakes or something else weird.


I expect nothing less from the premiere Bat-Shit Crazy Wing Inductee.

Trish Stratus

Inducted by Stephanie McMahon


I don’t particularly care about women’s wrestling and never have. So, perhaps unpopularly, this is my least favorite inductee of the class. I just don’t care, nor do I appreciate the fact that Stratus is now the youngest inductee in history.

All that aside, Trish has a following, has respect and despite only have a 6 year career (sadly that’s longevity) she moves into the Hall with Stephanie McMahon as inductor.

Something seems awful fishy with a class including both Vince and Stephanie as inductors. It seems like a weird choice, especially for Trish. Trish vs. Lita. That was the feud of Stratus’ career.

Stratus explains in the article below that without Stephanie there is no women’s division and frankly this is just incorrect and WWE re-writing to make Steph look better. Blargh.


Donald Trump

Inducted by Vince McMahon


Our prerequisite celebrity honoree is Mr. Toupee, Donald Trump. There is no denying that in comparison, Trump has had a long and storied history with the WWE. No other celebrity reached his level of involvement over the decades.

Trump’s speech will either fall into one of the three categories of celebrity speech. He will either look bewildered (William Perry), uncomfortable and out of place (Mike Tyson) or make light of himself in an awkward situation (Bob Uecker) There is really nothing else for a celebrity to do.

Each year I hope this pain will end and each year it doesn’t . Moving on.

Booker T

Inducted by Stevie Ray


Harlem Heat is back! Booker T goes into the Hall in an extremely packed class which threatens to overwhelm and override his own importance. Still Booker cannot be denied.

His real life older brother and tag partner, Stevie Ray will do the honors and hopefully be able to shed some real and personal light on the will, and frank unlikelyness for success that Booker came up upon.

Although in the last few years Booker has proven himself completely incapable of handling any role given to him (Flubber General Manager or Nonsensical Announcer), his speech will be humble and heartfelt and I can’t wait.

All in all, this is a super solid class. But I do have a few gripes. There were many rumored names throughout the months including Bam Bam Bigelow, Jake Roberts and Ivan Koloff. All three of these men deserve the honor and its always a shame to see them not included.

Since 2012, the WWE has stuck to 6 inductees. Although 2012 was marked by the induction of the Four Horsemen, which really brought the class to a 10 person class.

2013 Hall of Fame Fun Facts

2013 is the smallest class is history

Every inductee (who isn’t a celebrity) has been a world champion

Donald Trump ties the record for most celebrity appearances at Wrestlemania with Pete Rose

Booker T is the 2nd Ruthless Aggression Star to enter the Hall (Edge was first)

Trish Stratus is the youngest inductee in history at 37 years old

Bruno Sammartino is also in the MSG Hall of Fame (So is Vince McMahon)

Booker T and Stevie Ray have not appeared on camera together since 2000

Bob Backlund appeared in the movie In the Land of Merry Misfits with Maria Menounos. No one has seen this movie.

Mick Foley is the 2nd Attitude Era Main Event Star to be inducted (Steve Austin was first)

Booker T is not officially retired

The last time Bruno Sammartino was on WWE programming was 1988, when I was 5.

Final Thoughts

I am going to this event today at 8pm. I will attempt to live blog some photos and thoughts it possible inside MSG. See you guys tonight!


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