Never Going in the WWE Hall of Fame: Too Cool



Too Cool

Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor

Dancing Fools, Undercard Tag Team



WWE has had its share of comedy acts throughout the years. Starting with the cartoon heyday of the mid 80s, this technique has been not only become common but also expected. Today’s fan assumes that something will make them laugh in an average show. Too Cool personified this expectation.

George Steele and Hillbilly Jim were 80s version of a comedy act. Both were successful (Steele a Hall of Famer himself) but it wasn’t until the late nineties that comedy act grew into its apex. Enter the dancing superstars. Enter Too Cool.

Its important to look at where they two came from. Brain Christopher (Lawler) entered WWE in 1998 to be part of the extremely unsuccessful lightweight division. This was WWE’s answer to the amazing Cruiserweight Divison of WCW.

WCW spent money to get all of the premiere luchadors and japaense cruiserweights.

WWE got the rest.

Christopher can be explained simply.

This is him wrestling.

This is him talking.

This is what he did.

The blessing of being Jerry Lawler’s son faded when Lawler left the company (to protest his new adulterous wife’s firing) Really over this woman.

He was subsequently fired due for what legally amounts to drug trafficking.


Scott Taylor was a jobber. An actual jobber. He lost to other wrestlers. Until the Attitude Era. Everyone was a star in the Attitude Era. Perenial jobber Duane Gill became Gillberg and was cheered heavily. So, Scott Taylor became Too Hot Scott Taylor. A name which is the opposite of correct.




Christopher and Taylor continued being a annoying joke of a tag team until they embraced the ridiculous nature of their act. Rebranded Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty, these men danced. And people kinda of liked it.

WWE knows what to do with something that works. They feature it and make it better Enter this man


And he did this

Sexay and Hotty (actually had to write that) rode on the coatails of a dancing Rikishi. That was the highlight of their career. Yes, they had a short Tag Team Title Reign. But this was the Attitude Era. Titles changed so frequently that everyone held at least the Tag Team or Hardcore Champions. Including Meat.


Hardcore Champion Meat

When Sexay was fired, Hotty teamed with Albert and Rikishi to limited success. He then remained on the roster in a “Hey look at me I’ve been here a long time” position. Similar to William Regal, Greg Valentine and Hardcore Holly, he was used spareingly. Until he was eventually let go when WWE realized he was still on the roster (In 2007)

That’s it. These two men were not influential. They were not important. Their only addition to WWE lore is allowing us to now see this as regular.


Thanks gentlemen. Please don’t come back.

Only Way it Happens

If Jerry Lawler asks. Lawler has some clout and perhaps could finagle this. But for what real reason?


Both superstars are currently still performing this same act in their 40s. By the way, they look even sadder now.

Too Cool03


By the point that these two retire, they will mostly be forgotten in WWE lore.


Is WWE Stupid enough to actually do it?

Certainly stupid enough in the reign of Johnny Ace



Heh. Dancing


But with Triple H in charge, this is very unlikely


Chances of induction

2 out of 10

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