WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013: Donald Trump


Donald Trump

Class of 2013: Celebrity Inductee

 Business Magnate, The Donald, Says “You’re Fired” On TV


Hall of Fame Rating

5 out of 10


Celebrity inductees always bring down a class. There is never a comparison between a Icon like Mick Foley and this years “celebrity honoree” (Michael Cole used the NEW terminology on Raw), Donald Trump. Trump is not professional wrestler. He is a business man….kinda. Sure, he has tons of money, but lots of it was inherited. Trump has built himself into a brand, but a strange one. He is brash, offensive and frankly unlikable. Perfect for Vince McMahon. And unfortunately, perfect for the Celebrity Wing.

Trump has been involved in WWE since 1988. He hosted both Wrestlemania 4 and 5 at his Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. It was the first time Wrestlemania had come from a casino. We can indirectly blame The Donald for the WWE trying Wrestlemania 9 at Caesar’s Palace.

In true WWE Fashion, they followed the casino aspect a little too far and we had this


And this.

Trumpy, as no one call him, didn’t stop there. He returned to participate in a hair vs hair match angle 14 years later at Wrestlemania 23. This is the famous match where two competitors who would be gone within a year and half (Bobby Lashley & Umaga) wagered Trump’s hair vs that of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. McMahon lost of course, but Trump poorly ate a Stone Cold Stunner and everyone was happy. Especially the WWE. Wrestlemania 23 was the best financial success for the company in history until Wrestlemania 28. Good job Trump.


Grumpy pants Lashley: Trump’s champion

The entire match below

I have to give the man credit. Donald Trump fits into WWE. As celebrities go, Trump had a sense of humor about the whole thing. He picked up his hairline to show it was real and even had a backstage segment where he told the Boogeyman to get him food.

Trump even returned to “buy” Monday Night Raw before the whole Guest Host debacle of 09-10. Part of his longevity (in celebrity terms) was his willingness to come back. In reality, Vince and Donald are friends. As much friends as two really rich republican businessmen can be.


Pleasantries. Yes Yes. Money Money Money*

*Actual Conversation

 If we accept that Celebrity inductees are going to happen, there are a lot of worse choices than Donald Trump. His “like of the business” (like only) and “buddyness” with Vince have given him a place in WWE history.



Why 2013?

Donald Trump is from NY/NJ which is the location for Wrestlemania 29. WWE had a couple of possible inductees for the MSG induction including Trump, Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T

T had repeated said he was “offended” that Pete Rose went in first and will probably take coercing and money to get involved in the Hall. Lauper was an easy choice due to her involvement at Wrestlemania 1 (at MSG) but she was raucously given the silent treatment during her appearance during the leadup to Raw 1000. Seriously, it was the most awkward segment in like 5 years.

Plus he is Vince’s friend. If anyone was getting in the celebrity wing eventually, it was Donald Trump. He is as good of a choice as the other two I mentioned.

Opens Door For?

 Celebrity Inductees. This pattern is obviously going to continue despite Triple H taking over the selection process. On behalf of everyone:


Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

 He is bat-shit crazy. Of a hardcore republican kind. Trumpy and the birther movement got along splendidly, and Trump is whacko on twitter.


Yes, Basketball caused the depression.

Luckily this means that The Donald can join other bat-shit crazy Hall of Famers as Bob Backlund and Billy Graham. You got company guys!


“Wipe your feet at the door. The kazoo is on the patio”

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