Never Going in the WWE Hall of Fame: Dan “The Beast” Severn


Dan “The Beast” Severn

MMA Fighter, Less Interesting Version of Ken Shamrock


The 1990s was a huge time for professional wrestling. It also had some of the largest ups and downs in WWE’s history during the decade. As WCW grew in popularity, Vince and Co. threw the kitchen sink at the fans, hoping anyone of their ideas would stick and become popular. Hardcore wrestling stuck. MMA guys did not.

Ken Shamrock was brought in as a legitimate fighter from UFC to mild success. WWE attempted to showcase their gruffness and toughness by having him demolish his competition. He even got an IC title out of it, until the WWE became bored with him, saddled him in the Corporation and he eventually quit in 1999.

During this period, WWE also brought in another man to be competition for Shamrock. That man was Dan “The Beast” Severn. Severn had more of a background in professional wrestling than Shamrock did. In 1995, Severn competed for Smokey Mountain Wrestling and even won the “coveted” NWA World Heavyweight Title, which he held for three full years.

Severn was brought in during the wonderful idea that was the NWA invasion of WWE. If you don’t remember this, then lucky for you. Severn, Jeff Jarrett and the “New” Midnight Express of Bodacious Bart and Bombastic Bob entered the organization in 1998 and proceeded to do absolutely nothing.


Severn cheers someone else doing things

Severn, the NWA champ still, lost his title immediately and was positioned as a face. He both fought the NWA group and was eventually positioned as a real legitimate challenge for the “Worlds Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock. The problem with Severn was he had no personality. Take a look at a recent promo. He isn’t very good at talking.

Severn was tough. That’s it. That’s all he had. That and an retro 80s mustache. His run with the WWE was short and mostly meaningless. He never got over. You know you aren’t working when Ken Shamrock (Mr. Punch Myself in the Head) looks like the dynamic one. Plus, Severn was never really in “Wrestling Shape” He was a tough man, who as Shamrock said, “Looked soft” without his shirt. That doesn’t work for WWE, and probably led to the end of his push.

He then reluctantly competed in WWE’s tragedy, Brawl For It All (Won by Bart Gunn accidentially). It was reported that Severn was pressured into competing in the tournament, even though he had very little interest in doing MMA against untrained fighters with boxing gloves on. Seriously the Brawl for It All was a mess.

From there, he participated briefly in the 1999 Royal Rumble (The only Royal Rumble which wasn’t actually about the match, but instead about McMahon/Austin) and quickly faded out of the organization.

Unlike most other Never Going to BE WWE Hall of Famers, I actually like Severn. He could have been successful in the organization.  But at another time. Like Steve Blackman, Shamrock and Tank Abbott in WCW, Severn needed building to make him a success. He was a fighter. That was his job. WWE easily could have booked him as an unstoppable force or as an “Iceman” who beat people and never smiled.

But his run happened during the start of the Attitude Era. 1998-2001 was known for super quick booking in both WWE and WCW. Patience was not in the cards. If a superstar didn’t get immediately over, they were changed or pushed to the side. Severn was pushed to the side.

Dan “The Beast” Severn will have to live with his UFC Hall of Fame title. I think he’s fine with it.


Title and Titties. Good Job Dan

Only Way it Happens

WWE buys a stake in UFC and Dana White begs McMahon. Or Ken Shamrock punches himself in the head too much and Dan Severn is his replacement.

That’s a GREAT Idea!

Is WWE Stupid enough to actually do it?

No. If they want a MMA Fighter, they will induct Ken Shamrock (which is possible in about 10 years btw) Severn and sports entertainment don’t really mix.

Chances of induction

2 out of 10

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