Future WWE Hall of Famer: Andy Kaufman


Andy Kaufman

Celebrity Inductee

TAXI Actor, Anarchist Comedian



There are very few celebrities that actually belong in the WWE Hall of Fame. This small handful  have either really had an effect on the product  or produced great wrestling angles. Andy Kaufman falls into the later. We all love professional wrestling. We want to see good wrestling. Kaufman provided that, in a way only someone of his stature and fame could.

Andy Kaufman’s comedy is brilliant and completely wackado. It challenges preconceptions, both successfully and unsuccessfully, and can either be the best thing (Mighty Mouse) or the worst (Actually reading the Great Gatsby.) For those who don’t know him, take a look at some of his stuff.

Reportedly Andy Kaufman hated his sitcom, Taxi. So during this time, he branched out and started doing strange things on TV. The most famous must be the female wrestling bit.

Kaufman comes across so unlikeable. Watch any late night talk show and it would be unheard of for a crowd not to like or at least respect the guest. During this time period, Kaufman approached Vince McMahon Sr. about coming in to do an angle (Andy and kayfabe were a match in heaven) but Vince declined. However Jerry Jarrett and Jerry Lawler did not.

Andy Kaufman was the heel. Never in the history before or since has a celebrity come in and played heel. A heel that is supposed to be disliked. No celebrity would dare not be liked as it could destroy their career. Andy did not care. And he lost!!!. Heels lose and so did Andy. He got his comeupins.

Andy Kaufman created this best thing of all in wrestling. He created a great storyline. In all of our base need in wrestling, that’s what we want. Whether it is an amazing match between Punk and Jericho or amazing story like Kaufman, it mattered. People enjoyed it. This fact alone makes Andy Kaufman both eligible and necessary for the Hall of Fame.

Will the WWE Do It?

Yes. Eventually. Andy Kaufman’s storied history with wrestling is fairly well known and documented. His induction will get the prerequiste media attention. And that is what the Celebrity Wing is all about. It brings media attention. Even Drew Carey brought media attention. Drew Carey=Sad


For his induction, I think Jerry Lawler should do it, followed by Andy’s old writing partner, Bob Zmuda, dressed and in the Tony Clifton character. If you don’t know Tony Clifton, watch this.


Would be a hilarious induction.

The only caveat is he is dead. Dead celebrity is different than an alive one. But with Jerry Lawler pushing and Jim Ross latest comments, it will continued to be considered and will eventually happen.

When will it happen?
Within the next 3-5 years, especially with Jerry Lawler pushing. As he is already deceased, so there is no time contraint.

Good Location

In fact, this is one of those inductions that can really happen anywhere. Although NYC was Andy’s home sometime, he isn’t really attached to any real area, so next year in New Orleans or Texas or NY or whereever.

Reasons Not to DO It?

He is a deceased celebrity and some modern fans will have no idea who he is. Still, that isn’t good enough reason.

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