WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013: Bruno Sammartino


Bruno Sammartino

Class of 2013

Longest Reigning WWE Champion in History (7 years), The Living Legend


Hall of Fame Rating

10 out of 10


Hell hath frozen over in the WWE. Bruno Sammartino is joining the WWE Hall of Fame. No one in the history of the organization deserves the honor more and no one has refused more vocally. This all has changed today.

This is the most important induction in the history of the WWE Hall of Fame. This induction legitimizes the WWE Hall of Fame. Its “THE” wrestling Hall of Fame now. Bruno Sammartino is that necessary. Now, he would be necessary in any wrestling Hall of Fame, but in one run by the WWE, Bruno is key.

Bruno is the reason that the WWE exists. Without him, there is no WWWF, WWF, or WWE. There is no Hulk Hogan, no national expansion, no Attitude Era, no Monday Night Wars, nothing. The house that Vincent J McMahon built was on the back of Bruno Sammartino. He reigned as WWWF champion from 1963 to 1971.

In those seven and half years, McMahon Sr. made the Northeast  Territory the most profitable and popular of any throughout the entire world. And Bruno was the reason. Remember though, Bruno was not the best technical wrestler  In fact he was extremely nontechnical  But compare him to Lou Thesz or Gene Kininski. Both amazing wrestlers and NWA champions. But neither had the effect on wrestling that Bruno did.

McMahon Jr is always credited in the creation of Sports Entertainment. But this hybrid in its original form is Bruno Sammartino. He was a hero of an entire generation of fans. I grew up in NYC and anyone from 50 through 85 saw at least one match at MSG with Bruno Sammartino. He was a respected athlete and role model.

Now its been said that Bruno was just a regional star. This is true. Bruno would not have had much appeal in the Carolinas or Texas. But its not the point. Bruno created the business which would be shaped, molded and groomed into what became “Wrestling” in the eyes of a national audience. WWE has always done their craft slightly differently. It never has really had a technical flair to it predominantly (even during moments with Hart or Backlund as champion). And Sammartino is the grandfather of that style. The WWE style.

He was also the first Superman Wrestler character. His larger than life character went on and succeeded in inspiring fans and never losing. We complain today about John Cena and his Super Cena. Sammartino was Super Sammartino. They did it because it worked. He was over. More over than almost anyone in history. And he made tons of money.

Bruno was box office in the Northeast. He in total sold out Madison Square Garden 187 times. No sports team, music star, boxing match has ever done this. Sammartino spoke to a large birth of individuals. Image Cena but where everyone liked him. Imagine how over that would be. Bruno Sammartino over.

There is no question that Bruno deserves the honor. The real question is why did it take so long.

Take a look below for Bruno’s explanation as to why he agreed to be inducted.

Bruno has been extremely critical of the WWE. In the late 80s and early 90s, he was one of the legends who came out against McMahon Jr. during the steriod trials. Sammartino also hated the vulgarity, semi-nudity and all around gruffness of the Attitude Era. He spoke out violently bad on this as well.

Bruno was never supposed to go in the WWE Hall of Fame. He was the impossible and most deserving inductee. The fact the WWE did it means that it is now finally serious about the WWE Hall of Fame. It has finally become an intergral important aspect of the organziation. I can’t wait to see who is next.

BTW, Bruno is very old fashioned and has quite an ego on him. Look at his message to young people from his website.

Oh Bruno!

Why 2013?

Triple H and MSG. Reports have been surfracing since last July that Triple H had his eyes set on Bruno for the Hall in 2013. No one in the world thought this was going to be possible. Except for Triple H.


That’s Right! I’m the best at this too.

This is the first year that Triple H is responsible for the inductees. In the past Vince McMahon and Johnny Ace had the duty. This amazing duo gave us mismatched classes from 2006 to 2011. Rumors circulated that potential inductees were called sometimes two weeks prior (good reason why we have KoKo) Triple H changed this.

He made the Hall and its inductees important and he wanted Bruno. Bruno and MSG go hand and hand. With Backlund and Foley included, this MSG induction will be amazing.

But there is an even more important reason that this year is the year. Triple H has started slowly taking over smaller aspects. And when he does, change happens. Developmental is different and better run now. So is the Hall of Fame. And the reason is that it is based on respect.

All Bruno ever wanted was respect (including monetarily  from wrestling and the WWE. And Vince never gave it to him. Between supposed under payments in the 70s, or lying to bring Sammartino back in the 80s, Vince and Bruno never liked each other. They never respected each other. And they never saw each others value.

Triple H showed Bruno (through an extensive deal) that Bruno was respected, wanted and honored. The Living Legend is coming home in what could very well be the Best WWE Hall of Fame Class ever.

Opens Door For?

Everyone. Anybody who has ever been called impossible. Randy Savage, Owen Hart, Demolition. All will eventually get in regardless on how much they hate Vince and vice versa.

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

WWE wants to keep out good wrestlers and inducts only those of the caliber of Jim Powers, Bastian Booger, TL Hopper and Mo


Please let me in.

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