WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013: Trish Stratus


Trish Stratus

Class of 2013

7x Women’s Champion, WWE Sex Symbol of the 2000s


Hall of Fame Rating

8 out of 10


Trish Stratus is the most beloved WWE women’s wrestler of the last decade. She is credited with the success of the division as a whole. However, its easy to forget that she only wrestled for six years from 2000 until 2006. This speaks quite a bit on the state of women’s wrestling historically.

Trish began her wrestling career at the tail end of the Attitude Era. Like many of her contemporaries, she did not come from a wrestling background. In fact, Trish was brought in originally as eye candy. Her tenure as Albert and Test’s manager ( labeled T & A, isn’t that original) and as Mr. McMahon’s mistress are normally forgotten. That is because Trish did something that neither Torrie Wilson or Stacy Keibler ever did, she learned how to wrestle.

Trish is the only seven time Women’s Champion. Her matches with Lita were stellar. Her feud with Micke James was the best women’s feud on the entire decade (seriously stalker Mickie vs big deal Trish with all the twists and turns, amazing) She also had amazing matches with Victoria, Ivory, Jazz, Gail Kim and many more. Between 2001 and 2006, the WWE actually had a real women’s division. They did real angles and the fans actually cared. This is why we remember her so fondly.

But when Trish retired (2006) at the age of 30, the division went on a nose dive which it has yet to recover from. The WWE has attempted with Kelly Kelly, Lay-Cool, Candice Michelle, Melina and many more to recapture the magic Trish had with the fans. This has been unsuccessful at best.

This shows that it wasn’t the division that the fans wanted. It was Trish (and Lita). Stratus had the ability to make fans care about her matches. She was even a great heel.

But like all divas, she retired way too early. Women’s wrestlers generally retire to do other things between 30 and 32, wheras their male counterparts go well into their forties. This is unfortunate for the business as a whole and actually is a fairly new concept.

Fabulous Moolah wrestled actively until almost 60 years old. She was old school and a wrestler. Trish and all of her contemporaries were eye candy first and wrestlers second. (How many Bra/Panties matches did Trish compete in) This isn’t a judgement on Trish. Instead it is a judgement on women’s wrestling. The E maintains the division poorly even today. They show it as little attention as is possible. And all the divas leave after approxametely four years.

This is also part of Trish Stratus legacy. She was the first (Lita second) of the “non wrestler based divas” who broke out. The WWE has been trying since her retirement to find another person (another eye candy non wrestler who wants to succeed) of the same mold. This is has been an absolute failure.

One last point, Trish Status is hot. Very gorgeous and she wore it well. I was a little too old to be hanging pictures of her in my room (definately did have photos of Sunny in 1997, to date myself) and is loved for that reason too. Here’s Trish being hot.


Booty Dance


Even George Takei is impressed

Trish’s lasting legacy is of a performer who wanted to improve and get better at a craft. And she did. For that, she deserves the Hall of Fame.

Why 2013?

WWE likes to include a diva when possible. Trish Stratus is the next logical step (if we skip over Sable) Plus she has been retired for over six years, which makes her induction acceptable.

Still, something does bother me that Trish will be the youngest inducted person in history. She will be 37 when inducted and now supersedes Edge as the youngest inductee. This is not a insult to her, as much as a real example of the state of women’s wrestling that a 37 year old would be retired for six years.

On a secondary note, the WWE seems to be raising the bar on the Hall of Fame this year. I will talk more about this in another article.

Opens Door For?

Lita. Maybe Torrie Wilson or Stacy Keibler in a couple of years.

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

Too young. 37 is really young to be given what is essentially a lifetime achievement award

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