Newest Rumored 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Names

Recently rumored potential 2013 WWE Hall of Fame inductees are two major mid card wrestlers in WWF’s history. Both of these gentlemen are known for their wrestling abilities, ability to cut a promo and their problems with substance abuse.


Jake “the Snake” Roberts

Jake the Snake was one of the most over guys in the late 80s in WWF. His turn as 2nd tier face of the company was extremely successful. Any fan of the 80s remembers his conflicts with Rick Rude, Andre the Giant, Earthquake and Honky Tonk Man.

His major contribution to wrestling is his promo. There is nothing like a Jake Roberts promo. He had to ability to speak softly with power during a time period of time when screaming was the norm. Just watch one Jake Roberts promo and you’ll see he is one of the best in the history of the business.

His strength was in psychology. He was a master of both promo and in ring psycholoy. No one will ever say he was the biggest or best wrestler, but he knew how to work the crowd. If he had remained clean, many have suggested he could have become one of the biggest bookers in history. He was that good.

Sadly, it was not in the cards. Jake Roberts was smashed by Honky’s guitar on a episode of the Snake Pit and from that point he was hooked on drugs and alcohol. His demons are well known. Even WWE did a angle about it during his 96 comeback (lackluster feud with Jerry Lawler).

Roberts faded out of the limelight after 1997 and has since struggled to regain even a limited amount of his life. He has said in many interviews that he should be dead. During the 1999 documentary, Beyond the Mat, Roberts looked like a shell of a man. If you haven’t seen it, make a point to (on steaming Netflix). Roberts easily could have been the poster boy for dead wrestlers but yet he still lives.

Cut to today, and Diamond Dallas Page. Page’s yoga workouts are currently used by many wrestlers and he’s made Roberts his personal project. Jake is living with DDP (and recording a doc about his redemption) This could be the greatest story of redemption in wrestlings history if Jake is successful. A Hall of Fame induction works perfectly into the story (Rumor is DDP is pushing for this induction, probably for the documentary’s conclusion)

Everyone who loves wrestling wants this one. DO IT WWE!


Scott Hall

Scott Hall will always be known by wrestling fans for being the corner stone and beginning of one of the biggest angles in wrestling history, The NWO. Hall, Nash and Hogan can be credited as causing the 2nd Renissance of professional wrestling. Without Hall leaving the WWF, they would have never needed to respond with Austin and the Attitude Era. He is intergral.

Still, in comparison to Roberts, Hall doesn’t really need to go in by himself. Certainly as part of the NWO or the Outsiders. His singles career was good, but certainly not the most memorable in history. He could go in the ring and did while perenial IC champ, Razor Ramon. He had good runs in WWF and WCW (even won a World War 3) but never held a world title.  Mostly because of his problems.

Hall is the other poster boy for drug and alcohol abuse in wrestling. He also should be dead. During ESPN’s recent piece on him, Hall looked like a shell of a man, talking about suicide and his misery. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it.

Hall’s story is actually sadder than Roberts. He had everything. He was a member of the Kliq (I hate the Kliq) and the NWO. He had all the chances to be one of the biggest main eventers in history of wrestling. He was a better promo and better wrestler than Kevin Nash and easily could have been on the same level as Shawn Michaels or even HHH. But he got in his own way.

Hall should be inducted once he is completely clean and on board with living life. DDP hasn’t actually started working with him yet, but is trying to start. WWE should wait at least another year for Hall to get his life back on track.


What do you think? Should Roberts or Hall go into the WWE Hall of Fame?


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