WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2004: Superstar Billy Graham


Superstar Billy Graham

Class of 2004

1x WWF Champion, Lyric Poem Writer, Original Hulk Hogan Style Wrestler


Hall of Fame Rating

7 out of 10

Historically Significant

Billy Graham was an original. And the originator in the WWF of a style of talking, strutting and being which Hulk Hogan and many others would copy to great success in the later years. His promo was as smooth as butter.


When most heel wrestlers were either foreigners (Koloffs), monsters (George Steele), Superstar was the best looking guy in the room and his physique was unmatched in his generation. Vince Sr found something in Graham and gave him the longest run for a heel champion in history at 296 days. Graham had that special something which McMahon, HHH, Patterson and others always talk about. He had the right charisma for the wrestling business. Too bad he appeared too early to capitalize on it.

In Superstar’s WWE documentary, all involved talked about how he was ahead of his time. Perhaps even a perfect character for the 80s. Most forget, he came back to the E and even competed the NWA during the 80s to almost no success. Graham is legendary for paving the way for Hulk Hogan (both as a face and even the Hollywood character), but past his one main event run was never booked that way again,

When he came back in the 80s, everyone was over the top and soon Superstar faded away.

But he didn’t shut up. Billy Graham has to get the prize for loudest former wrestler during the lead up to the steroid trial. This alone has to make Superstar’s induction improbable and suprising that it occurred at all. See what he said below!


Well said Mr. Simmons.

Lately, Graham has been extremely noisy again about how terrible the Hall of Fame is, how Abdullah the Butcher makes it a travesty, even against CM Punk for (kayfabe) insulting Bruno Sammartino. He is also currently the only Hall of Famer who wishes to be removed for the non physical building which exists.

Oh, btw all these insults against WWE started when Graham was released from his consulting job with the organization. Funny timing.

Still an amazing performer and necessary inductee.

Why 2004?

2004 was the rebirth of the Hall. WWE had killed all its enemies and was riding high. This year’s class was all those in the late 70s and 80s who were important to the WWF’s existence. Graham fits in perfectly with the group.

The only way this class would have been better was with Bob Backlund, who declined and was replaced by Don Muraco. Makes sense as Bob Backlund is crazy.


Wait, what are these things?!- Bob Backlund

 Pound for pound, 2004 was a great start to the 2nd life of the Hall of Fame and a precursor for the best class in history, 2005.

Opens Door For?

Those who don’t get along with Vince to join the hall. Bruno Sammartino, Ax, King Kong Bundy or anyone else who said mean things about Vince, which by the way, he probably deserves.

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

He doesn’t want to be now. Superstar strikes me as a man with verbal diarrhea. He speaks before thinking. He does interviews without thinking. He gets upset at kayfabe character antics. I believe he has nothing to do now.

He deserves it. Whether he wants it or not. History tells me if the WWE offered him a legends deal, he’d love it again.


See crazy Graham Time!!!!

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