WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2006: Tony Atlas


Tony Atlas

Class of 2006

1 st African American WWF Tag Team Champion, Mr. USA, Laughter


Hall of Fame Rating

3 out of 10


Tony Atlas was a chiseled, muscle bound wrestler with the moniker “ Mr. USA”. Promoters used his look to get him over as a super-strong babyface is many territories in the early 80s. WWF even gave him his biggest success with a three month tag team championship run with Rocky Johnson. But that is it.

He didn’t really do anything else of note. He moved around in the few remaining territories in the late 80s. As those died, so did Tony’s career. His last real action of note didn’t even happen in the ring. He defended and protected a dying Bruiser Brody who had just been stabbed by another wrestler. His courage aside, he never really mattered again in the wrestling business.

The WWE Hall of Fame always has had strange inductions and most of those are based on favor-ability and friendliness with the organization. Tony is friendly. He was homeless for awhile. Its a great story. And he laughs weird. Really weird. See how weird.

Mid-card performers can be sometimes hard to judge. This is one is completely clear. Saba Simba ain’t no Hall of Famer.

Why 2006?

After the stellar 2005 Hall of Fame class, 2006 was a disappointment due to both Atlas and William Perry. Bret Hart and Eddie Guerrero were our headliner and sub-headliner. From that point, 2006 was all over the place. Sherri Martel, Verne Gagne, William Perry, Atlas, and Blackjacks had nothing in common and undid the “themed” Hall of Fames of 2004 and 2005. Tony fit the “Hey We Need Diversity” outlook of 2006 and 2009.

He was also a perfect person to be somewhat known but easily overshadowed by Hart and Guerrero. That is what 2006 needed but easily could have been done with a more well respected individual such as Bad News Allen. (Brown for those not in the know)

Opens Door For?

Koko B Ware. Whoops! Just waiting for Iceman King Parsons!

Reasons this shouldn’t have happened.

WWE seems to have stopped inducting people just for the sake of inducting someone, which is good. That’s exactly what Tony Atlas was. Saba Simba=WWE Hall of Famer?

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