Never Going In the WWE Hall of Fame: Chris Benoit


Chris Benoit

1 Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, 1 WCW World Champion, Murderer

In every message board post about the Hall of Fame, someone mentions inducting Chris Benoit. “He deserves it for his wrestling skills”

Its still more than that, especially for those who were real fans. We root for, we feel for and love the characters. When the fans scream “YES!” for Daneil Bryan or speak along with “IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLL….” we do it from a point of love and respect. And its fun.

Benoit was a real great wrestler. His matches made everyone feel. We wanted Chris to succeed. The 2004 Royal Rumble was a roller coaster of emotion and Benoit deserved it. He did everything right. He sacrificed his body, mind and soul to wrestling. And the fans loved him for it and still do love him for it.

The question gets looked at over and over again, ” Can’t we just look past his tragic end and see the good in him. Can’t Chris Benoit be celebrated and yet still looked at for the supreme talent he was and therefore reward that talent.” A large group of people still love him. This should be enough, put him in the Hall of Fame. Right?

This is incorrect. Completely incorrect. It is impossible to take one thing that a person has done and basically say, “This really bad thing, that’s unimportant, look at all this all stuff” So stop it. Chris Benoit is a murderer. A Child Murderer. If he was alive today, he would be in jail forever being treated to violent pain for the rest of his life. But he’s dead, because after killing his wife and child, he was a coward and killed himself. Period.

Even if Hulk Hogan, with the career he has had, did anything like this, he would be a murderer. It is the last and most important element of Chris Benoit’s career.

We can talk all day long about the reasons for this, whether its brain capacity due to concussions, his work schedule, a genetic defect. It does not matter. I agree the WWE shouldn’t pretend he didn’t exist, but to celebrate the awful evil man would be a tragedy that should never happen. Period.

Normally I would show a video of the superstar performing here, but instead, here’s DR Drew talking about the murder with some former MSNBC host

Only Way it Happens

If double murder suicide becomes an acceptable way to deal with marital problems

Is WWE Stupid enough to actually do it?

WWE would rather induct the Shockmaster as its headliner 10 times in a row than do this one

Chances of induction

-2 billion out of 10

One thought on “Never Going In the WWE Hall of Fame: Chris Benoit

  1. Let’s just put it this way. If he did not do what he did, 100% absolute chance he will get inducted. That is not the case, like it or not.

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