Never Going in the WWE Hall of Fame: Powers of Pain


Powers of Pain

Wrestling Observer Worst Tag Team (1989)

Tag Team, Big Strong Guys With Scary Facepaint

Powers of Pain were a unsuccessful knock off version of The Road Warriors brought in to compete with a successful knock off version of the Road Warriors, Demolition. Originally they were faces and fans showed their appreciation by not giving a damn. They were rough and ready and boring.

WWF realized this in Survivor Series 1988 and switch Demolition to face and these guys to heel. Wrestlemania 1989 featured The Powers of Pain losing in a 3 against 2 match handicapped match where they had the advantage   Huzzah. Thats it.

. Both Barbarian and Warlord would have brief singles careers where they would be big looking and lose to similar shaped big looking good guys. Warlord even got the record for quickest elimination in the Royal Rumble at 2 seconds. That record was only recently broken by Santino Marella, a comedy character. Proof in the pudding that these guys don’t belong.

WWE Hall of Fame has been selective in its tag teams over any area. They induct tag teams who are worth it. This one is not.

In fact, near the end of 1989, these two parted ways to join the ranks of singles competetion (mostly because the ACTUAL Road Warriors had been signed)

Barbarian’s new gimmick was a Samoan Viking Barbarian. Well known historical fact, that is not real.


Meanwhile Warlord embraced the Phantom of the Opera and septors. Pointy septors!


Success! Or strong guys who lose all the time. You decide.

Take a look at the Powers of Pain lose at Wrestlemania!


Only Way it Happens

Demolition refuses 10 times or Vince does it out of spite

Is WWE Stupid enough to actually do it?

Yes. This could happen. Not likely but possible

Chances of induction

1 out of 10

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