Diamond Dallas Page Rolling into 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Class


WWE-Hall-of-Fame-logo-645x370According to Rolling Stone.com and confirmed by WWE.com,  Diamond Dallas Page has been confirmed for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017 in a “non-headliner” position.


DDP is best known for his time in WCW, being both of the few main event stars made by WCW in its heyday and one its best non NWO draws in 1997-1998. DDP is also famous as one of the oldest “rookies” in history, transitioning to wrestler at the tender age of 35.


Recently, Page has revolutionized the most popular yoga program in wrestling history with DDP Yoga. As a person who does the DDP Yoga program and has lost weight, I can speak highly about this wonderful program. Both Jake Roberts and Scott Hall owe their lives to Page.

DDP Did this

DDP Did this

On top of that, Vader has recently come to work with DDP in hopes of saving his life from heart failure.



Dallas is also very popular among his peers. On top of being helpful with DDP Yoga, he is considered to be an honest, forthright and kind member of the wrestling fraternity

All in all Diamond Dallas Page will be a welcome addition.

What do you think?

George “the Animal” Steele passes away at 79



In more sad wrestling news, one of WWF’s famous “cartoon character” wrestlers of the Rock N Wrestling Era has passed away. Today, George “the Animal” Steele died at the age of 79.

I know...its sad Batman

I know…its sad Batman


Although Steele had a long career beginning in the late 60s, he didn’t reach the height of his popularity until Vince JR took over and turned him into a literal animal…a cartoon animal.

Steele’s most famous elements were his green tongue, his ME doll and his biting of turnbuckles. None of these said anything about his wrestling ability.

George Steele's signature move

George Steele’s signature move

I did a full breakdown of George Steele two years ago, which you can see here.  Although it was a fairly blah review of a fairly strange and blah character, I will leave us today with a few of George Steele’s memorable moments. RIP Animal.


Teddy Long Announced for WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017

According to Fox News Sports and confirmed by WWE.com, longtime Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long will be joining the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017.


Teddy Long has had a very career with professional wrestling, building his way from ring crew to referee to manager in WCW in the mid to late 80s/early 90s. His best time as a manager had to be as the manager of DOOM, taking the team of Ron Simmons and Butch Reed to tag team championship gold.


All the while looking like this

Teddy is best known today as the longtime Smackdown General Manager, having held that role longer than anyone in history. His favorite (and overused) general manager decisions were those involving taking all those superstars in the ring doing a promo and making them have a tag team match or have a heel go “One on one with the Undertaker!”

While his career with WWE was long and he had some memorable moments, Long suffered from poor writing, bad   and bad acting thoughout his tenure. His position as general manager will never be remembered as fondly as the other greats in WWE history (Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman, Stephanie McMahon, The Authority, William Regal and Commisioner Foley (2000) ). For longevity sake, Teddy Long is in the WWE Hall of Fame. I feel kinda meh about it. His inclusion seems to be more about WWE’s consistent want to be diverse in their classes over Long’s much overdue inclusion.

I will do a full breakdown of Teddy Long coming up shortly.

Do you agree? How do you feel about Teddy Long’s inclusion?